Why a Kona Oceanfront Condo

A Kona Oceanfront Condo is definitely a good choice when it comes to Big Island Hawaii Accommodations.

Cheaper then a Hotel, often times more comfortable, with more space, a Kona oceanfront condo is the way to go if you are on a budget, or have need for two bedrooms.

You can find a Kona Oceanfront condo with one or two bedrooms. They usually have a full kitchen, a comfortable lining room, and the area you will appreciate the most, the Lanai(porch) overlooking the ocean. Lots of condos have washer dryers, pools, hot tubs, and assorted other amenities. This is where you will spend a lot your time, with cool ocean breezes and incredible sunsets, the lanai is the perfect place to relax.

People all over the coast stop what they are doing to watch our Kona Sunsets. We call it the church of the setting sun, as people congregate all over the coast to watch the sun sink behind the horizon on the pacific ocean.

With a Kona oceanfront condo, you will be on your Lanai sitting in a comfortable chair drinking your favorite beverage.

Another Reason to chose a Kona Oceanfront Condo, is because the owners put a lot of thought into the interior design. Often times, the owners use the condo for their vacations, and therefore make them very nice. Little touches that make you feel more at home then a hotel ever could.

Advice and Tips on Finding a Good Kona Oceanfront Condo

First off lets go over how I would find the best price on a Kona oceanfront condo rental. Prices vary so greatly it is hard to know what the best price is.

In different seasons, we have different prices. Peak tourist season is mid December to mid January. Also for the two weeks before and during the Ironman in October, is considered Peak for Kona.

If you aren't trying to escape the winter, April to December are the least expensive seasons for Kona condo rentals. If you are, be expecting to pay a little more. That is the next question you have to figure out, How much are you going to spend? You can get quality Kailua Kona condos on the ocean for as low as $99 a night depending on season and how many bedrooms you choose.

As you go North the Kona condo rental prices go up. This is becuase you will be staying in the middle of world class resorts. Besides being able to walk through the resorts, to nearby restaurants, activities and golf, you also have more amenities. On top of all that, the interior design is plush.

These condos range from $150-$600 a night, depending which resort, what season, and how many bedrooms.

Don't worry, I'll get to how to find your condo in a minute. First I just want you to be sure you know what you want, and what you can spend. So take a minute and crunch some numbers. Ok to find a quality Kona Oceanfront condo, that is perfect for you, try these links. This link takes you to the vacation rental section for the Big Island on craigslist to use this page efficiently enter your keywords in the search engine: Kona Oceanfront condo, check the only search titles box, enter your min and max per day rent, and amount of bedrooms desired, and search. you can refine this search by entering more keywords like: Kailua, washer, hualalai, waikaloa, and so on.

Here is a link to The West Hawaii Today, the kona newspaper, another good source for a Kona Oceanfront Condo. Actually this is probably the best source for any kind of Kona condo rental. There is a search engine function on this also, but it is not as precise.

Both of these sites will help you to find any kind of Big Island Accommodation that you might be looking for, at reasonable prices.

This Link will take you to our interactive page, where people have posted their own page on this site, describing their rental. I personally screen these.

The last bit of advice, is to make sure you get pictures of the place from the owner. Just because it says it is one thing, doesn't mean that it is what people say. Pictures don't lie.

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