Is it Bad Luck to Bring Home Rocks From Hawaii?

by Rita
(Gaith, Md Usa)

Aloha, We visited the big Island in 2001. It was really a very exciting trip for myself, my husband and our two daughters.

We took day trips from (Oahu) Honolulu to the Big Island one day and to Maui another day.

There was not enough time to visit other islands for us. It was a remarkable trip for us and we loved every minute of it.

We wanted to take a trip to the national volcano park when we were on the Big Island but day trips were all sold out so we took the other trip to see the black sand beach which was also remarkable.

I brought some black sand and rocks with me as a souvenir to my home in Maryland.

About 6 months ago some of my younger daughter's friend's were visiting her for her wedding shower party.

I was talking about Hawaii to them and showed them the black sand that I brought from big island.

One friend told me "You are very brave to bring it back home. because people say that it is bad luck if you bring it home."

I want to find out if there is any truth this is saying?

Is there any belief for the Big Island residents for this matter?

Also can you please verify the address that I am sending the sand and rocks back:

Rainbow Moon
Attn: Lava Rock Return
P.O. Box 699
Volcano, HI 96785

I am very curious and anxious to know.

Sincerely Rita


Aloha Rita,

I would say that the majority of people here, myself included, put stock in the belief that there is some kind of reality to the bad luck that follows people that take rocks off the island.

The belief stems from thoughts that Tutu Pele, the Volcano Goddess, gets upset when pieces of her leave the island.

My mother used to work at a local tourist magazine, and she said that every week people would be sending rocks to them because they had no where else to send them.

I think that the Volcano Gallery (Rainbow Moon) is a great place to send them, they seem to be reputable, I think I have even run across the owners before.

Anyway let me know if I can help in any other way.

Aloha David

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Jul 27, 2015
What if I bought it there? NEW
by: Anonymous

What if it was just sand on a bottle with shells that I purchased at the gift shops or flea markets there?

Jun 24, 2015
Rocks and rainbows... NEW
by: Anonymous

I think that out of 2 million a year visitors there is a high chance that a few will have bad luck, rocks or no rocks. Hawaii is absolutely stunning and beautiful place. I went there and made my symbolic offering and was rewarded with some pieces of Hawaii to take with me on my journey. After leaving the very special place where I picked up my rocks, leaving ones that obviously did not look inviting, we were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow to signal the good luck that has since followed me. I am sure that one day I will return these stones to their home. Just like everything in this life, they are a temporary condition and like us, all along for the ride. Good luck, and try not to blame your misfortune on pieces of such a wonderful land.

May 27, 2015
Rocks to Heartache NEW
by: Anonymous

I took some rock from Volcano National Park in 2008. My husband left me in 2009, I lost my job, got divorced, and lost my health. I finally sent them back today and can't wait for my life to begin again!

May 26, 2015
I have sand from all over the world, and just found out it is not good to have, I fell bad :( NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I have gotten sand from all parts of the world, plus I took sand, shells and rocks just last week from Kauai, and just found out about the bad luck that comes with it, can I send all the sand and shells back to one spot and they can put it back on the beach or in the ocean for me, or is there anyway I can get rid of it here?

May 16, 2015
is it bad luck take rocks or sand from hawaii? NEW
by: samantha puanani

Hi to the question yes.anything like sand or rocks u take with you from hawaii is bad luck i never took nothing from island that is pele's because. First off my family is born n raised in hawaii i am Hawaiian and my grandma told me when i first visit hawaii she said to me "do not take rock or sand or u will have bad luck n pele will be very upset n curse you so ther is no way i would try n test. That.i love my culture. Home i respect pele i respect. Hawaii. Some people do not so when people. Visits hawaii n that sayn of bad luck and people test her well you know pele will curse u and she will do whatever to the island. As in lava...please respect. The island its very beatiful ..aloha and i hope what i says helps aloha oi

May 12, 2015
The Brady Bunch Myth NEW
by: Anonymous

Based on a Hawaii kapu against taking what isn't yours, like taking fruit from the neighbors garden, this belief was bastardized by a park ranger and adopted by Americans. It even made it onto a Brady Bunch special.
It is not Hawaiian. It is an Americanism.

Apr 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

I truly believe in the rock curse. Ridiculous, you say? Well, listen to this:
I read on a website that a wife took some black sand from HI back home for her mother. Once her mother recieved the sand (it was only half of a water bottle full), her dog got sick. The dog went to many vets, and all doctors were baffled, and diagnosed the dog with a rare form of cancer, because they weren't sure what happened. When the wife told her mother-in-law about the dog, she mentioned the rocks. The MIL said that they were bad luck. The wife then went with her mother to the post office and shipped the sand back to HI. Once they got in the car from the post office, the mother got a call that the dog was eating fine. In two weeks, the dog was back to normal.
The doctors still have no scientific reasoning about the dog's spontaneous sickness and immediate recovery. The doctors never knew about the black rocks.
Does that convince you?

Apr 01, 2015
Twice the Curse NEW
by: Anonymous

Since I was a child I will believe in magic, fairies and witches etc. I was amaze seeing a lava rock up-close so we brought it back home. Never heard of curse from Goddess Pele till one day someone told me the story and realize ya maybe that's why since we got back from Hawaii our business is going down and eventually sold it for a low prize still being chase with the bill and almost lost our home twice until it was finally sold also. We rented for under two years but yet bad luck still happing and then I remember the Lava rock. Soon after before we moved to a different rental home I ask my husband to return it to Hawaii and it will not move with us, since then things are going fine until 2 years ago when we came back for another Hawaiian vacation but this time its just some probably white bleach lava rock from the beach that my younger daughter wants to bring home. I said no but my husband insisted that maybe the Goddess Pele will make an exception since it was just a kid who want the rocks. I notice and realizing since we got back from that vacation everything is not fine. Coincidence or not it happened twice to us so I'm having my husband send them back to Hawaii.... Its so windy there and I hate windy but my last vacation was awesome and I learned to love Hawaiian wind. Don't let the curse stop you from going there just don't take anything just buy them. Quote:(I wonder, where those shells and corals they sell at the open market came from? Do you still get curse if you purchase the one that actually came from Hawaii? hmmmm)

Mar 31, 2015
Tell Pele She doesn't exist NEW
by: Yemaya

For the person with the Monotheistic Christian comment:
I suggest traveling to the Islands and letting the Hawaiians know Pele doesn't exist. It won't go over well.

Mar 02, 2015
Bad luck sand ?! NEW
by: Anonymous

Since I've been back from Hawaii I've had 2 car accidents in two weeks! Want to send the sand back before anything bad happens!

Feb 19, 2015
Don't bring anything home with you!! NEW
by: Leslie K

I always bring sand back from my vacations. I have sand from beaches all over. So when I went to HI I just had to bring some souvenir sand home. Big Mistake!! Since I have had the sand in my procession I ended up with a Chronic Pain Illness! I've seen over 40 Drs in 3 different states and they can't find out what is causing my severe pain. I've had this for 10yrs!!. My brother is going back to HI in 3 weeks and I'm having him return my sand. I hope I'm forgiven and I get well!
My advice....

Jan 23, 2015
many of you are theives breaking the law NEW
by: Anonymous

It is illegal to take sand or rocks from Hawaii. So most of you are theives whether you believe in bad luck or not.

Jan 23, 2015
Rudrakssha NEW
by: Lily

Went to temple got some tree rudrakssha. But no rock or sand. Even clean shoes too. 5 mths now. Still things happening which not used too. Any comments

Jul 08, 2014
Luck is your mind set NEW
by: Tony

Hello Rita,

I am going to Hawaii this summer. Bad luck or good luck is your mind set.For me its all good luck because that my mindset for everything I do.

Its illegal to remove rocks and sands from the islands and we should all respect that.

Don't worry. Great things are coming your way.

May 08, 2014
black sand NEW
by: Anonymous

I was told that white sand brings bad luck and the black brings gold and fortune

Mar 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

Its illegal to take rocks from Hawaii. END OF STORY. You are a thief you have taken rocks home from Hawaii period.

Mar 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

First of all, the sand on wikiki beach was imported from Venice beach in California so..... Second instead of weeping over taking a firkin rock off the beach, maybe you can stop burning jet fuel to get to Hawaii, buying hotel rooms in the huge hotels that are paving over the land there and stop telling yourself that you are "saving" the environment by driving your Prius as you squirt out child after child into this overpopulated planet.

Feb 23, 2014
It is bad luck to take stones home from Hawii NEW
by: Peggy Sue Medina

I belive the Earth Cries in sorrow when sepparated from the stones in its natural enviroment , just like being sepparated from a loved one . I wouldn't want to cause this suffering to the Earth .

Feb 10, 2014
Curses NEW
by: Anonymous

Pray over your shells and plead the Blood of Jesus over them if you believe your brought back a curse. He has the Power to Break every curse.

Dec 24, 2013
Bad luck sea shells NEW
by: Anonymous

I am beginning to believe that since I brought home a pocket full of black sea shells from Maui while on my honeymoon, I have been having the worst, life destroying luck. When I finally began to believe why my life was going so bad, I wanted to return the shells immediately. Unfortunately, when I asked my daughter where her shells were, she said that she had sold them in a yard sale that we recently had. Now I'm afraid that I am doomed to be cursed forever as there is no way to know who bought the shells that day. What can I do to make amends with Pele and remove this curse that I have been suffering from? Please help, thank you!

Sep 15, 2013
Bad luck NEW
by: Anonymous

I was visiting Hawaii for a wedding. The bride gave away small vial bottles of sand from Waikki beach. The day I was leaving I left the small vial of sand in my hotel room I didn't have time to put the sand back, does that mean bad luck will still follow me even though I didn't bring the sand home with me?

Aug 07, 2013
Yes, I believe it NEW
by: Anonymous

When my Aunt and my parents went to the beach. My aunt secretly took a handful of the black sand in a ziplock bag for souvenir. To make the story short, when they came back
to LA, about 5 months later. She had a car accident, then a few weeks after that she got so sick. I don't if this was just a coincidence or not. So my Uncle noticed the series of bad luck after their trip. They went to a party and heard someone sharing stories about the black sand etc. My uncle immediately confronted his wife if she took some of the sand home. She confessed and would you believe my Uncle went back to the beach and returned the sand that his wife took. After it was returned, he didn't feel the bad vibes anymore.

Apr 02, 2013
I'm a Believer NEW
by: Anonymous

I went to Kona, HI for a wedding with a 'special someone'. We visited the Black sand beach during our visit and we both collected rocks from the beach. Once we returned to the mainland, we got sick. My ex contacted me in a furious rage, over my trip to Kona, HI. I found out I had $800 worth of Termite damage to my house. And the 'new' special someone how took me to Hawaii is no more...we broke up. Yup! I think the 'bad luck' thing is real. I've sent my rock back.

Mar 01, 2013
by: Anonymous


Nov 14, 2012
Lava Rock NEW
by: Sheryl B

I brought back a piece of Lava Rock, from Maui.
In 2002.
With in the next 2 years, which I am just realizing today, (Nov. 2012!), My mother-in-law got lung cancer-survived. My Cat suddenly died one morning at 14. My husband got kidney cancer-survived. I got stabbing back, (shoulder blade), pain, non-stop for 6 months, and had to quit work. My mother got a lung desease, and passed away, after 6 months.
Now years later my husbands cancer returned. I just thought of this rock and all the bad things that followed that next 2 years.
I am going to return it as soon as I get a correct address to get it back to Maui.
I believe that the rock does bring bad luck to you and your loved ones. I hope she forgives me once it is returned.

Nov 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

You don't have to scream. It's not very aloha.

Oct 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

ITS ILLEGAL TO STEAL THE SAND OR ROCKS from Hawaii PERIOD. Regardless of the curse.

Oct 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

ITS ILLEGAL TO STEAL THE SAND OR ROCKS from Hawaii PERIOD. Regardless of the curse.

Oct 08, 2012
Good Luck, Actually... NEW
by: Anonymous

I asked one of the locals at my hotel and he told me he had heard of the curses and had seen rocks mailed back to Maui. I had only heard about taking black sand being bad luck before hand. I had taken two rocks from the crater that caught my eye particularly and a few rocks from the black pebble beach that I just seemed to hold onto all day. My trunks were also filled with small black pebbles due to sitting in the surf. I also brought back a second large stone from the same beach the next day. I am superstitious about certain things like not looking into mirrors without lights on, but this superstition of the rocks really didnt phase me. I will say that they do not give me a feeling of dread or ill will. What has actually happened since picking them up is that my gal and I received fairly nice discounts on a luau that should been 3 times more and refunds for double charges and such at the hotel. On the flight back, the card machine didnt work and my $9 sandwich was on the house. Even my automobile rental had various charges subtracted and discounted. It couldve very well just been a great vacation, but I also believe that perhaps my rocks are good luck at this point. I will put the rock that sticks out to me most in my pocket on interview tomorrow. Simply thank you, Pele for letting me bring a part of you home.

Oct 05, 2012
broken legs NEW
by: Anonymous

okay well my friends gramma had brought home some sand and rocks from Hawaii and she had broken her legs and she lost her house and she has been in 4 car accidents.

Jun 04, 2012
sand NEW
by: mimi

I always bring home something from the beach I vacation from.But this time in Hawaii I took some sand.Since then I lost a good job,got in 2 car accedents had 3 surgerys from it and cant walk move to a house I dont like.So I will be sending the sand back asap!

Mar 08, 2012
thank you NEW
by: francesca

thank you all so much!!! and i agree with all of you! however, i do want to respect the tradition and when i go back to hawaii i will be returning the black sad! i noticed that when it was in my house things did not go very well so i put it in a bag and put it outside my house in the shed ever since then things got better and truthfully forgot about it until i received notice of all these comments! i believe allot of it had to do with the fact that it was gifted to me and i did not take it as well. i am very thankful for all of you who took the time to reply! sending you all my love and best wishes!
"The power of your thoughts can open any door and you can set yourself free.
Lucy MacDonald"
love francesca

Mar 07, 2012
it is what you make it NEW
by: Anonymous

I visited when i was young and not knowing about this curse. So far, there has been both good and bad things happening in my life. Most likely, these things had nothing to do with taking the rocks. People could tend to recognize only the bad parts of their life or it's just coincidence that the events happening are bad. This is just something I concluded from my own experiences. But overall, anything could happen whether it's good or bad. Theres no real way to comfirm it is from the rocks. Hope this helped

Feb 29, 2012
Can rocks bestow bad luck? NEW
by: Anonymous

I try not to be superstitious. Many people claim good luck after taking rocks from Hawaii. Others say terrible luck befell them. Coincidence? More than likely. Lets remember a few logical things. If you are Christian, there is only one God. Therefor other Hawaiian Gods don't really exist and therefore cannot curse you. That is some Christian common sense. Now for some scientific common sense. Is it any more unlucky to take shells and rocks off the beaches of Oregon. Not where I live. People pillage the beaches daily and more and more stuff just keeps washing up. The same shells on Hawaii are found on other Pacific islands as well. Is is okay to get them from there? All islands are volcanoes and volcanic rock can be found in many places around the world. Is it unlucky to take it from there? Not from my experience. I purchase bulk shells from the Phillippenes all the time. No bad luck from them. then other tourist buy them from me. None of them have ever sent any back. They are the same species as in Hawaii. Lets just remember that a rock is just a rock and a shell is just a shell. Four leaf clovers don't bestow good luck as they are just mutated clover, and a bunnies foot certainly wont help you win the lottery. Just plain creepy though.

Feb 19, 2012
My Not Bad At All Luck NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been to Hawii many Many times and my childen have always taken coral,sand, or lava rock home and we have never had bad luck actually, we have only had good luck.

Nov 30, 2009
i was givin black sand
by: francesca

so my best friend went to hawii and brought me back a small bag of black sand. i dident ask her to bring it or naything she just gave it to me? what should i do. i am worried becuase i have been very sick sence and my mouther might loose the house. can you help me. let me know what to do? i mean i dident take it but what if i send it back and it gets lost.

thank you francesca

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