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Hawaii Kealakekua Bay Kayak Tours, History and other Information

The Big Island is a little over a million years old, with 11 of the worlds' 13 climate zones found in its 4,038 square miles. Hawaii, the Big Island is larger than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined. Hawaii (Hawai`i) is actually the biggest island in the U.S. with more land area than the entire state of Connecticut.

Because of the size of the Island, people can live on one side of the island and never know about the best restaurants and attractions on the other side of the island. Kona and Hilo are totally different worlds. Some people from Kona almost never get to Hilo, and vice a versa. This guide is to bridge gaps in our community, as well as give tourists a glimpse of what our Island has to offer.

Whether you're here for a week or a month, it's a good idea to gather a little information before you get here, to maximize every sight-seeing opportunity Hawaii has to offer. Of course, you might want to just lay on a white sandy beach, drinking Mai Tais and Mojitos for that whole week, while every craving you might have is catered to! Whichever you choose, this online guide can help you plan your perfect vacation.

Getting to the most isolated chain of islands in the world can be exhausting, so consider beforehand, where you want to stay. Stepping off the plane, you are going to want to know that you are headed for a nice comfortable bed at a place where waking up to the morning sun and sounds of the ocean is a thrill.

Our island is made up of five volcanoes, three of which are dormant. At 13, 679 feet above sea level, Mauna Loa, the largest volcano on earth, is not one most people realize is active. The more famous Kilauea gets all the attention, probably because it has been spewing out lava since January 1983, making it the most active volcano in the world.

Kona and Hilo are the two main commercial centers on our island. Kona has been one of the fastest growing towns in the U.S. lately. In contrast, Hilo has grown very slowly since Mauna Loa erupted from March 24, 1984, to April 15, 1984, threatening to destroy the town. Both have a lot of character, and are unique in their own way.