Probate of Naukana (#463)

Probate of Naukana (#463)


"God hath made of one blood, all nations of men

to dwell on earth in unity and blessedness."

Kauikeauoli, Kamehameha III from the Declaration of Rights 1839

The Ohana of Haa, direct descendants of Kauikeauoli, Kamehameha III, as represented by chief spokesman Albert Haa Jr. are grateful for the opportunity to share with Hawaii and the World, information regarding Hawaiian Crown Lands and the historic Probate of Naukana*(1) discovery.

(Probate #463)


Soon after Western contact, the Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian People) realized that they were facing a perilous life or death, survival situation. The ancient, sustainable and earth centered way of life was soon to be changed forever. Before Captain Cook's arrival in 1778, the Native Hawaiians, were thriving in natural abundance, and numbered about one million people.

Tragically, by 1848 (Year of the Mahele) only 70 years after European contact, the Kanaka population had been decimated by foreign diseases and genocide to 88,000 people. By 1900 (Just after the unlawful annexation), Hawaii's precious wild sandalwood forests were gone, and 90% of Hawaii's land was controlled by white foreigners.

The Kanaka Maoli had dwindled to only 30,000 people; a near extinction level decrease of 97% in less than 125 years!

Few people today really understand the profound impact and level of foreign domination, cultural influence and corruption Westerners held over the native Hawaiian people.

The ramp up to full blown colonization happened quickly. High chiefs, their immediate families, and spiritual leaders were especially targeted during and after the wars of "unification" by Kamehameha the Great.*(2)

The "sacred vine" families had to flee from persecution and go underground. Records show that hundreds escaped via the Hudson Bay Company to relocate in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest territories as early as 1820. We have re-established contact with many of the "lost" alii families throughout Canada and have direct relationships with these royal descendants today.

Mainstream historical records would have the world believe that Kamehameha III had no heirs. To the contrary, the heirs of the last sacred vine King are alive and well. We have powerful evidence that Kauikeauoli did not die in 1854. In order to save his own life and the "sacred vine" lineage, Kauikeauoli was forced to fake his death and "disappear". Then, after twenty-one years, he would return in 1875 as William Naukana*(3) and move to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.


After seven generations of misinformation, mistreatment, and misrepresentation,

the bloodline heirs of Kamehameha III now come forward and proclaim the truth about their lawful title and stewardship rights to the 1.8 million acres of Hawaiian Crown Lands.

(so called "ceded lands")

The Probate of Naukana (Probate #463) is a sacred kauna (secret message),

written by Kauikeauoli himself, and is the "hidden in plain view" will and testament of the last of the sacred vine kings.

This historic discovery resolves the issue of lawful title to the Hawaiian Crown Lands.

In the King's speech at the opening of the legislature, 1848, Kauikeauoli said,

"I have set apart a certain number of lands to be the property of my chiefs and

people, subject to such rules as you may adopt for their disposal.

I have also reserved to myself a portion of lands (the Crown Lands)

which are to be retained as my private property,

and to descend to my heirs forever."

We fully understand the profound social/economic and political implications of the Probate of Naukana, and have spent 13 years researching the historical/legal and cultural evidence to back it up. We invite the People of Hawaii and the World to exercise due diligence and investigate this amazing discovery with us in complete transparency and good faith.

For more information or to contact the Ohana of Haa:

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1* Naukana means "belonging to Kanaloa", the god of the sea, where all life began.

2* This is not to say that prior to prolonged Western contact in 1778, that Hawaii was a totally peaceful and utopian paradise. It is well known that the kapu system and forcibly imposed religious practices, were initiated through Tahitian colonization, by high priest Pa'ao, who established a social caste system that was often cruelly oppressive and violent.

3* The real life William Naukana was the son of Kamanawa, who is one of the two guardian twins

depicted on the Hawaiian Kingdom royal crest.

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