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The Big Island Vog Index Blog: Useful links to real time monitoring of vog, helpful hints from people that have experienced the vog, Posts and Updates from residents, pictures and more.

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Residents and tourists please leave your comments about your experiences with the Vog.

Please leave any helpful ideas you might have for others in dealing with the Vog, or any questions you might have.

Also tell us about the Big Island Vog conditions you have seen. Please leave your name and area that you are talking about.

Here is a link to a page if you just want to know details about the Vog, like what it is, where it is the worst, and what hazards it poses. Also things you can do to counteract the vog when it gets thick.

I had a request to post useful links at the top of the page, so here they are:

SO2 Satellite Images

Halemaumau and Pu`u O`o conditions

Daily air quality readings from six stations on the Big Island. Requires downloading java plugins

Here is the link to the county's website, with info on Lava Viewing, Health Hazards, and more:

To see the State Department of Health's SO2 Readings from their Pahala Station over the last six months.

Aloha, David

Comments for The Big Island Vog Index Blog

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Nov 21, 2012
Is it the VOG?
by: Anonymous

Left Hawaii (Big Island) after working on my land/home. I was there for three months and at the end of trip, I caught what I thought was a cold. Returning to the mainland and fighting this with my doctor. All I can say whatever it was has lasted now for eight months, my doctor has never seen anything like it.. I am much better but still have symptoms. I am now blessed with continued nasal drip and coughing/spiting up junk. Will I go back- yes but with a meter and if air proves to be the cause.. I'm selling my piece of paradise.

Nov 05, 2012
please update
by: Anonymous

no coments since aug. please update when can,mahalo's ,former Kona resident of 32 years ,I MISS BIG ISLAND!!!

Oct 26, 2012
Why is vog worse
by: Anonymous

WRiting from Kauai and wondering why the vog is worse than it has ever been this past month? Is there a new vent opened? It has never been so thick as the past two spells of no trades. any info appreciated.

Oct 16, 2012
Vog symptoms
by: Anonymous

Does anyone notice having nausea and stomach issues from the VOG? I notice that the VOG affects my stomach and gives me nausea. I used to live in Honolulu for a long time and I remember when the Voggy days from the Kona winds would come to Honolulu, I would know right away when I wake up in the morning before I even look out my window to see if the VOG is in. I finally put two and two together and realized sure enough the VOG caused my slight upset stomach and nausea every single time.

Oct 11, 2012
VOG information
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have been living in Hawaii for a bit more than a year. The first year we lived in Honoka'a and then we moved to Waimea. Both places are fairly sheltered from the VOG, but when the trade winds stop, like is been the case in the last few days, it can get bad. I have been trying to find information and reliable readings on the amount of VOG, but other than the NOAA satellite images, which are updated every 12 hours, I have found nothing. I am not inclined to think that there is a conspiracy to keep this information from the public, and specially the kama'aina, which are the ones that needed the most, but common, what is going on?

Oct 09, 2012
Vog symptoms
by: Anonymous

Does anyone get nauseated when the VOG is bad? When the VOG is bad I get sick to my stomach, plus the sneezing, burning eyes, etc. Just wondering if anyone els gets nauseated or upset stomach from the VOG like I do. I live in Hilo and the VOG is troublesome here unlike what a lot of people say. I know Kona is much worse but Hilo is definately not immune, and we do experience a lot of voggy days here also.

Sep 20, 2012
American Lung Association - AIR Report Online
by: Anonymous

State of the Air has ranked Big Island of Hawaii as #7 of the 25 worst US counties for air quality. LA rated #8 - with better air than Big Island! We earned an "F" for hazardous high levels of particle pollution. There is a very informative article about Particle Pollution on their website. Maui is rated one of the cleanest air locations in the country. We love our volcano, but air quality has been really compromised as a result of the volcanic activity at the southern end of the island. Check vog monitors at Envista Hawaii and do not go out jogging unless the monitors report air readings 10 or under. Vulnerable populations are children and people over 65.

Sep 14, 2012
Waikoloa Vog Monitor is now activated!
by: Anonymous

The long awaited Waikoloa vog monitor is now online at Envista Hawaii! Easy to check PM 2.5 particle counts in real time using the "Quick Look" on this website. This provides air quality information for the first time towards northern end of Big Island. July PM 2.5 reading in Kona averaged 17 - Waikola was 5.5 -- August PM 2.5 in Kona averaged 11.7 and Waikoloa was 7.1-- showing that quality of air as you drive north of Kona gets significantly better. If they would install monitors in Waimea, Hawi and Waipio Valley, the north end of the island would be fully covered. Keep asking for more vog monitors on Big Island for sake of our public health! Another friend diagnosed Stage 4 Lung Cancer -- which reminds me air quality is critical to staying alive--as well as healthy! Lobby for vog monitors all around the Big Island. Pahoa really needs one too!

Aug 19, 2012
July Vog - 2011 versa 2012
by: Anonymous

PM 2.5 particle counts in Kona averaged 14 in 2011 and 17 in July, 2012 - a worsening of about 20% -- so air quality is declining (according to the health department vog monitoring records). Still the worst vog peaks are roughly the same 34 and 35. Goggle "Envista Hawaii" and go to Quick Look, if you want to know what vog is doing in real time, at any given hour. My guess is that after four years of living in vog, Kona residents are desensitized to the quality of their air. Just as most people living in cities get accustomed to compromised air quality. For folks who lived on the Big Island prior to 2008 - and particularly prior to 1982 - we recall Hawaii had the cleanest air on the planet, as the most remote land mass in the world! And we look forward to the day that the volcano goes back to sleep! Hope I live long enough to see it!

Aug 13, 2012
waikoloa beach resort area
by: Anonymous

Does this area get the VOG too ?
Would like to live in Kona, but am worried about the VOG
Thanks for your comments!

Aug 06, 2012
vog concerns
by: shiela

aloha, we just left kona few weeks ago and didnt like the vog there. hilo side was a lot better.

husband has asbestoses and we felt living evan in hilo would be concerning? evan thougth the vog was not so visable there.

want to know your opinion in this please?

Aug 05, 2012
Cardiac mortality 20% higher on Big Island
by: Anonymous

According to data analysis by the North Hawaii Outcomes Project, heart-related illness mortality in 2009 was 20% higher on the Big Island versa other islands. The new vent opened in March, 2008 and I can't help but wonder if these increased cardiac events are related to the vog.

Jul 27, 2012
July has been Very Nice
by: Anonymous

I have lived in Kona since January 2012, but have been visiting since the mid 1970s. I have no Vog symptoms, but the Vog combined with afternoon clouds can be depressing because it is not bright and sunny like the old days. June was bad, but July has been very good, with bright sunny days. Not sure why, but I certainly notice an improvement in July over June. Hope it stays this way!!

Jul 25, 2012
Vog Much Better in July
by: Anonymous

Vog and clouds were bad in June, but the weather has been glorious in July, with bright sunny days. Hope it stays this way! I have no reaction to Vog other than with vog and clouds it is hazy and less pretty.

Jul 25, 2012
Vog illness?
by: Anonymous

My daughter and I went for a walk the other day in Volcano. She said, 'Oh, no, the vog is bad; can you smell it?' I took a deep breath and started coughing. We immediately turned around and went home. The next day I awoke to a terrible sore throat and headache. Days later, I still have both and have been dry coughing for days. She thinks exposure to vog doesn't cause such long lasting problems and that I have a cold or the flu. Can vog exposure affect one with cold/flu symptoms for days? Should I just wait it out or do I need medicine? Thanks in advance for any help.

Jul 07, 2012
Dylos Air Quality Monitor
by: Anonymous

Vog solution: read your own PM 2.5 particles! I bought two Dylos monitors ($199 each) and plugged them in because state health department has not installed any vog monitors north of Waimea. Easy to read, continuous particle monitoring - I set one indoors and one outdoors. At my residence in the Kohala Mountains air quality is consistently running "excellent to good" on most days, even when Kona vog levels are high. What surprised me was east in HPP the particle counts measured 5 to 8 times higher! Their dirt roads create air pollution exceeding federal air quality standards. They were rightfully just cited!

This was a great investment for personal peace of mind. Just set two particle counters up (inside and outside) and you will have the truth. Don't wait for the government to measure them. Easy to do right in your own home - and on your own property! I wish I had bought these four years ago. No more guessing about what goes in my lungs!

Jun 20, 2012
Vog particles causing drought?
by: Anonymous

Hawaii was last drought free April 15, 2008. New vent opened in March, 2008. Particulate matter in sulfuric emissions decreases rainfall, so it is a distinct possibility that drought is connected to the current emissions from the volcano.

Jun 19, 2012
Vog headlines in West Hawaii Today - June 19th
by: Anonymous

"8 clear air days" for all of 2012... that is very bad news! Vog is definitely getting worse - and in most cases - much worse. People who live here need to take precautions; buy an AC and air purification system AND an inexpensive ($199) particle counter so that you can monitor PM 2.5 particle counts in your indoor air - confirm your AC and purification systems are in good order and doing their job. Get annual chest x-ray and take blood thinners, monitor your blood pressure. These are all very basic kind of health precautions and cheaper than medical and hospital bills a few years down the road! Vog is not harmless - and if you care about your health and want to live on island, make the adjustments to Mother Nature! Also keep the vents closed on your car when you drive - do not leave vents open and turn on your AC for extra filtration.

Jun 16, 2012
June 2012 Kona Vog
by: Anonymous

Not one day in Kona averaged under 10 so far in PM 2.5 particles. Last June, 8 days registered under 10 - which is a good standard for clean air. While the month is not over yet and a few hours enjoyed less than 10 PM 2.5 in Kona, the average PM 2.5 average is over 15.

Air quality on eastern side has been glorious this month in distinct comparison. Blue skies, sharp horizon line and brilliant clarity. No haze!

Drive west on the Saddle Road from Hilo; you'll see first hand two radically different atmospheres and air quality. Try not to make a U turn!

Jun 13, 2012
2011 versa 2012 - Kona Vog
by: Anonymous

The particle count in Kona has doubled in 2012 vs. 2011, indicating vog has been getting worse. All monthly averages for 2012 are higher than 2011.

Get chest x-rays to verify your lungs are ok if you live in Kona and Oceanview. Take a blood thinner; stay indoors with AC on as much as possible. Keep an eye on your blood pressure. Air pollution will create thickening of the blood and makes heart work harder.

Best air quality is on the east side. Significantly cleaner air on east side of Big Island.

Mauna Kea and Hawaii Island Resort (an eco resort) good west side choices for tourists who want sun with reliably clean air on Big Island.

Jun 05, 2012
VOG...the truth please
by: Anonymous

We have lived on the Big Island for 10 years, 8 in Captain Cook. We listed our house & are moving due to the vog.

I had previously lived in the Los Angeles area & hadn't experienced such bad are quality since leaded gasoline was prevalent in the early eighties.

My doctor told me that the Vog is so bad that even people that work outside here have to take vitamin D supplements as the vog is blocking so much of the good UVs.

We have a 160 degree view of the ocean & we have had, maybe, 5 or 6 really clear shots of the horizon each year, over the last 4 years, at most. I'm being overly generous. 90% of the time we can't see the horizon & lately not even the water, at 1200 ft elevation & 4 miles from the coast.

My eyes are burning as I write this at 6:15am.

I have been an extremely healthy person all of my life.

6 years ago, or so, when the worst began, I coughed so much for 3 days straight that I lost 17 pounds.

Much of my business is predicated on tourism and writing this post certainly won't bolster interest in selling our home, yet I want to be frank and say that I think that we, as residents especially, are being duped by the EPA, the state and anyone involved with the dissemination of accurate data in regards to the true levels and dangers of So2 here on the big island. I am sure there is a major cover up & organized strategy when it comes to sensor locations and times when readings are cherry picked for public distribution. The more people I talk to, the more I am certain of this.

One doctor I heard mentioned that here in the worst areas and heaviest sulfur dioxide days can be as bad as smoking 7 packs of cigarettes per day, when vog is at its worse.

Sadly, I don't feel like exercising like I used to.

I truly LOVE Hawaii. I had been coming since the early eighties prior to moving to Kapoho early 2002. It's clearer there than the west side, but more work in west HI.

I do hope conditions get better. Yet, in the interim, I wish that the 'authorities' tell it the way it really is. I don't think it helped my son's health growing up here ,nor anyone else's, since the vog has been rampant.

As always, it boils down to the money and lose of revenue.

As far as visiting the Big Island, come on out. It's beautiful and drive for 10 minutes and you can be out of the worst of the vog. Short term exposure I'm sure is harmless and well worth the experience of this paradise. Everyone should witness the splendor & awe of this magical place, just not live in the bad areas or be subject to the negative affects of prolonged exposure.

I'm just frustrated with a system which obviously tweaks data and vital information to exhibit a rosey prognosis while our eyes are flooded with tears from the conditions and our children are running and playing in toxic bliss.

Jun 01, 2012
Hawi VOG
by: Mike

VOG has arrived in Hawi at an unusually dense amount this year.
While this part of our island is not monitored as much as other areas and we get much more wind, independent analysis by 2 local scientists from the U of H confirm high particle content in our area. Unlike many of the super wealthy who are starting to sell and depart area, this was where I so to speak "spent it all" for a retirement my wife and I dreamed of. I want to live, so selling years of investment and work to move to of all places, Texas. I am not one to preach, but what was paradise will kill you if you stick around too long. Better chance of long life smoking a pack a day in LA then sticking around here......and it breaks my heart.

May 30, 2012
Kona air quality 2 times worse than New Jersey!
by: Anonymous

Envista is monitoring the PM 2.5 particle counts and air quality in both New Jersey and Kona. Here is what their monthly report summarized:

PM 2.5 particle average for May, 2012?
11 in New Jersey
20 in Kona.
Hilo was 5!

New Jersey had 13 days in May when the PM 2.5 was under 10 -- which is what I personally consider safe air.

Kona had no days under 10.

Hilo had only 1 day OVER 10. All the rest of the days were good air quality.

May 25, 2012
Responding to May 1 poster
by: Anonymous

I feel the vog is definitely worse than I can ever remember. I've lived in Kona 10 years or so, but I'm really thinking about moving because of the vog. Gone are the clear days, voggy days are now the norm. In fact I can only think of a handful of truly "pre 2008" type of clear days in the last 6 months.

May 22, 2012
Congested city??
by: Anonymous

For the guy who said voggy day in Kona is better than being in a congested city. My family and i were living on the Big Island for 6 months before moving to one of the most populated congested city in the world. We were sick 80% of the time in Hawaii especially my young kids. Now we finally moved and we are all back to normal and healthy again. If you feel ok now and think you are used to the vog, don't worry it will hit you one day in the worst way. Enuff said!

May 10, 2012
dealing with vog
by: Anonymous

Recently found out that vog is the reason i have been having trouble breathing periodically, i was hospitalized twice. I get relief by eating everything raw(including fish) but meat, drinking apple cider vinager cocktails and drinking ionized alkaline water. My research shows that vog makes your body acidic weakening your immune system and bringing up your inflammation. Keeping hydrated flushes your system.

May 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

Want more information about vog?

Goggle: "Forecasting Vog" - take a close look at the "Vog Model"...

This website created by the U of Hawaii provides very good information and allows a viewer to see vog in "real time" and also projects vog.

From viewing the Vog Model, you can easily tell why the east side of the island has cleaner air - and how far to the north the vog generally tends to go.

May 06, 2012
Kona Vog getting worse
by: Anonymous

In June, 2011, Kona vog daily average registered PM 2.5 at 12 -- 2012 average nearly twice that high - over 20 most this year. So it is reasonable that people are starting to notice the vog more since it has almost doubled. Hilo and Puna air considerably cleaner, but rainy on that side of the island too. I would say best air with good sun is up in Hawi - and there are some cute places to stay at that end of the island too!

May 03, 2012
April 28 - 30
by: Anonymous

The PM 2.5 reading for Kona on those days was over 30 - hitting about 32. That is unusually bad - their average particle count is about 21-22. Normal for Hilo is 4 to 6. If you don't know what PM 2.5 particles are, you can Goggle them and find out and also learn what health side effects come from breathing them. No alarmism - just the facts! The vog in Kona is dangerous to breathe. Period.

May 01, 2012
VOG Advice Please!
by: Anonymous

Just got back from Kona where I spent a long weekend. VOG seemed really bad and I came home with a sore throat etc. I was told it was the "worst in has been in years". Is this really true or is someone just trying make things seem better than they really are? I was very surprised how bad the situation was on Sat. April 28th. Somewhat normal?

Thanks !!!

Apr 27, 2012
Vog VS Smog
by: Anonymous

A normal day in a congested city is worst than a Vogy day in Kona... nuff said

Apr 26, 2012
Great Monthly Chart - See For Yourself
by: Anonymous

If you Goggle "Envista - Air Resources Hawaii" you can scroll down on the left side to the Charts. If you click on "Monthly Matrix" it is easy to create customized charts for any month or time period that you want to know about using readings from the vog monitors across the islands. Information is there - you just have to know how to find it!

The link on this website is out of order.

You can find the current air quality by clicking on the "Quick Look" and it is all present on a timely basis. I check it whenever I think I need to go to Kona. I try to wait until the reading is below 10 which do occur occasionally.

Apr 22, 2012
Kid's Health?
by: Anonymous

My heart doctor - and most of his staff - left the island citing the dangers of breathing volcanic emissions. He felt the locals were unlikely to take note until children started having heart attacks in their twenties, but those could be attributed to a bad diet, lifestyle choices, etc - just like lung cancer and stroke. So it is intelligent to remember volcanic air particles are unlike any "smog" because they are composed of sulfuric acid and corrode metals and destroy plant leaves - so imagine what they do to lungs, hearts and other internal organs when PM 2.5 get into your blood stream? Do we need more studies to confirm what should be obvious if you see the impact of volcanic emissions on metal and plants? Hilo is a nice place to start a new business and has better air quality than Honolulu; also five times cleaner air than Kona. The Big Island is currently declared a federal disaster area so farmers can obtain federal loans for the vog damages to their fences, crops and animals. I would not bring my children to live on the Big Island at this time. Dangerous air!

Apr 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

I moved to Oahu from Sydney Australia 3 years ago and while living all my years in Australia i never had a problem with my health until i come here!
The vog really takes a toll on my health, as i have a chronic cough all the time, but when i go back home to Australia for vaccation my cough totally dissappears!
I really love living in Waikiki, but at the end of the day living in Australia is best for my health, so i will have to relocate!

Apr 19, 2012
kids health
by: Anonymous

I was planning to relocate to Kona with my family, two small kids, and start a business, but now seeing these posts, I am reluctant. Any good links on effects on kids health?

Apr 14, 2012
vog on the Big Island
by: Anonymous

I just returned home to the Big Island for 5 months from Oahu before a planned move to another country. My wife(a foreigner), myself and our two young children ages 2 1/2 and 7 months. We have been sick nearly the whole time we have been here. We spent 6 days in Waikoloa while we were here and we all seemed to feel a little better at that time. My youngest son at 7 months has been coughing off and on for the whole time. My 2 1/2 year old has been having congestion and sinus problems at least half the time of every month. My wife who is probably the strongest in health got sick twice and coughs on and off at times. While we were on Oahu my wife and oldest son never got sick. Myself on the other hand always got sick on Oahu when the Kona winds brought in the vog. It would actually make my stomach upset and not feel well. While here in Hilo I have been sick nearly the whole time we are here. I was born here and have been raised here for 20 years of my life and never had these problems back then. Many of my friends here in Hilo all seem to have health issues of some kind. They all seem to feel that the vog affects them but is not the major problem and that they are used to it. My friends on Oahu are all healthy all the time and never have problems. I know the mold, pollen, and dust are part of the equation here on the Big Island especially the mold, but the vog is the deadly one. Yes, many people that are here do not have problems but in time I believe it will affect their health one way or another. Its just a matter of time how it will manifest itself in these people. I love home and the Big Island but I am happy that I am moving away soon for the sake of my children. Its one of the most beautiful places on earth especially for a child to grow up in as I will always cherish my youth here, but not anymore. As a father of my two sons, I will always protect them as I have to make the choices for them while they are young. My wife and my kids health is the most important thing in life before anything else.

Apr 02, 2012
The Price for Paradise?
by: Anonymous

Vog causes my family headaches, sinus congestion, and trouble breathing. Still, we don't have to lock up our house, our windows are open 24/7/365, flowers bloom year round, the tempature is never below 65 degrees, and if you get caught in a traffic jam you can enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean.

Some days, even weeks are frustrating because the headaches can be debilitating & breathing labored. There are medications & remedies that help.

On the Mainland, what is the remedy for violent crime? hate crimes? Me? I'll be grateful to live in Kona. Please don't move here from the Mainland and compare. Visit, relax, spend lots of money and go home and breathe the air you are more comfortable with...smog!

And BTW the volcano could stop never know.

Mar 23, 2012
Monthly Ave - Kona vs Hilo - PM 2.5
by: Anonymous

The average PM 2.5 count in Kona for last month was 21.6 versa 4.6 aveage in Hilo. This means Kona has nearly 5 times amount of vog particles in the air than Hilo.

People sensitive to air quality, are clearly better in Hilo.

Sadly Kona had only a couple hours of a single day where the air quality was under 10 PM 2.5. 10 is the level that I consider safe air.

You can watch the Health Dept website for monitoring of the counts on an hourly and daily basis.

Safe breathing!!!!

Mar 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

For telling it like it is! On most days the west side of the Big Island looks more like Purgatory than the heavenly Paradise we used to have before March, 2008. Dante wrote it right about all those sulfuric fumes/endless dulled down grey skies ... not the crystal clear air and bright vivid colored Hawaii that we all moved here for. Like yourself, I am hanging on, but after four long years this month, with only a single few week break (remember "The Father's Day Pause" in June, 2010?) it is so discouraging. Pele has a Father, so maybe we need to go up the ladder to a higher power to clear up her ongoing fumes! Something has to give... people need a break or going to get a lot sicker than they already are. X-ray of a non-smoking friend living in Kona showed his lungs looked like a smoker.

Mar 15, 2012
GOGGLE "Envista - Air Resources Manager - Hawaii"
by: Anonymous

If you want to check the PM 2.5 daily air quality. Click on Quick Look on left side and go to Big Island. The link on this website is currently out of order.

Mar 14, 2012
What should we expect?
by: Weezy

We are planning a trip to Waikoloa next year in April or May. Is this area affected by Vog? Is there a time of year that is best/worst? Any help would be appreciated.

A: Waikoloa gets vog part of the week, from what we understand...It helps to have an air purifier no matter where you are...Depends on how the wind blows, usually it stays on Kona side but sometimes in goes over to the Hilo side as well...Hope this helps...

Mar 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Even if you do not have immediate symptoms, PM 2.5 particles in vog impact everyone's health. Research has been done and studies published on the cardiac and respiratory short term (48 hours) and long term of breathing these toxic air borne particles. Air standards are set high conforming to the industrial lobby demands but the medical studies tell the real story. Read about PM 2.5 particles, check the vog monitoring online to make educated decisions. I love the Big Island, but avoid Kona when the PM 2.5 count goes over 10 (that is about 90% of the time!) and away from the south end of the island whenever I visit.

Mar 01, 2012
Lets admit it!
by: watch dog

Okay, I live here and would like to pretend that vog is only a mild inconvenience. However, since the second vent became active in about March 2008 it has been game over.

Even though I live 30 miles north of Kona, the vog is quite bad especially in the winter. This has to be quite bad for the health. After all, it is killing trees and plants, eroding metal and contaminating catchment water supplies.

I am trying to hold on, but the vog will probably drive me off the island. I came here years ago for clear skies and scenic beauty, not grayness and hard to see horizons. I got plenty of that in L.A.

Mar 01, 2012
again, you can usually escape the vog by driving north
by: Anonymous

Replying to the nervous person going to Kona.
The Big Island is one of the most magical, beautiful places on the planet. Yes, the vog is bad in Kona, but if you can change your hotel reservations I would recommend staying in Waikoloa or anywhere in that area. In general trade winds keep most of the island vog free. It just hangs in Kona because it is in the lee of Hualalai and Mauna Loa. Hope this helps.

Feb 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

You may find that many people say that the vog does not effect them and they are very lucky. This has very bad long term effects. It feels like you have been in a smokey bar when you stay there for more than a month. I would have moved back if it were not for the vog. I hope that it gets better and business can turn around.

Kona becomes dark at around 12:00 everyday when I was there.

Feb 21, 2012
by: Anonymous

My family will be vacationing in the Kona Coast at the end of March 2012. I am a little nervous because I vactioned in this area about 3 years ago and the VOG was fairly hazy most days. Two of my travel companions and I got sinus infections and decided it was best to stay inside. I am mildly asmathic. This time our group includes my 2 small children (3&5) and I will be about 17 weeks pregnant. I have read that no one can predict VOG because of all the variables, but can anyone say, in general, what direction the trade winds blow in late March? Unfortunately this entire issue is leaving a bad taste in my mouth about visiting this beautiful region. Thank you.

Feb 13, 2012
Sulphur allergy
by: Anonymous

What about vog or sulphur dioxide on island of Kauai? With an allergy to all sulfa, sulfate, sulfite, is it safe for me to visit since I would be breathing it? I have severe reaction when visiting areas where lakes are turning and the water, ice cubes or even some foods washed with the water have high levels.

Feb 09, 2012
Feb 7 Flight from Big Island
by: Anonymous

I was on a flight back to California this week. The person next to me had a wheezing cough he said started day 3 and continued for duration of his two week trip. He suffered the same symptoms last year and his wife said it was vog related, as he had no temperature. Worse, was the hapless passenger who had a heart attack on the plane! Vog thickens blood causing cardiac events and vog was also heavy this past month so I wonder if that was also a "vog related" event. I always pack blood thinners when visiting the Big Island. It is essential!

Feb 06, 2012
No Vog Symptoms
by: Anonymous

I have a house above Costco and one in SF Bay area, traveling back and forth several times a year. I have no history of asthma or sinus disorders, but suffer osteoarthritis, primarily in the cervical and lumbar spine, but also in knees and shoulders. I see the Vog but I never have any sinus reaction. I just returned to SF last night. Like my previous returns to Bay Area, the only health difference I notice (and it is very noticeable) is that I have worse soreness and stiffness when I return to CA.

I know several Kona friends who have adverse symptomatic reactions to Vog, but the vast majority do not.

Feb 03, 2012
No one can forecast vog
by: Anonymous

Volcanic emission output varies from 1000 to 2500 tonnes a day and so do the trade winds which come in from the NE. It is impossible to predict wind direction, speed and daily emission levels! But researchers from UH set up a webpage to do that. Probably can Goggle "Vog Forecast"... but I would not count on it. Best air quality is in Puna area (southeast of Hilo) and far north end. Might want to try Hawaii Island Resort at far north end of Big Island -- or a vacation rental along the ocean in Hawaii Paradise Park area if good quality air is a priority. Kona is definitely not the place to be right now. Sad but true. Hilo has better air, but also can get a bit of vog when the wind is from the south. Eastern point seems the most reliable and cleanest air quality. Good luck...

Jan 30, 2012
vog low or high
by: Anonymous

we are planning a vacation to the big island but are a little worried about the vog.Can anyone give us an idea of the usual conditions around the end of feb 2012

Jan 29, 2012
VOG everywhere!
by: Anonymous

I just returned from a trip to the Big Island on January 26. It was a three week vacation and spent nearly two of the weeks in Puna District. It was hit and miss on the VOG even in that area.According to the people I was staying with, the wind direction had blown VOG into that area...I was miserable with breathing problems and had no idea about VOG....guess I should have researched this before I went. Then the last week drove to the Kona side ...VOG was in Hilo, and as far up as Wimea...also could not see much past the northern coast out to the ocean along the coast road. I was so disappointed with Big Island air quality and the last two days in Kona...particularly had dense VOG. Those that are posting that there isn't a problem, are in denial! I'll visit Hawaii again but not on that island. I strongly recommend that anyone with breathing problems, allergies, etc not visit that island....and for sure do not take small children! I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get something to help me breath.....previous to going I had occasional allergy problems, but this trip excentuated it. I wished the people I stayed with had warned me prior to going to visit.....concerned mainlander.

Jan 23, 2012
January 23, 2012 PM 2.5 Reading - Pahala
by: Anonymous

This morning Pahala had the highest PM 2.5 reading that I've ever seen - 63 particle count.

Hope no one is out of doors in that area.

I prefer to limit my activities when the PM 2.5 count is over 10. Certainly no jogging or heavy activity.

East side of the island has significantly better air quality than the west side, which looks like it is in the middle of a forest fire this month. Very sad air quality.

The link on this website to the "Quick Look" daily air reading is invaluable! Thanks for making it easy to check the PM 2.5 counts. Those are the ones to watch!

Dec 18, 2011
Sulfuric ACID
by: Anonymous

That would be sulfuric acid particles that we are breathing on the Big Island. Stay to the Hilo side of the island, and impact is very nominal, particularly in Puna, upwind of the volcano. Kona side is where they collect. There are lots of nice places to stay and it is more "local" ambience than the resorts, but the air quality is really superb. Eastern point is the best air quality on that island - and up north, near Hawi along the coast.

Dec 03, 2011
Vog issues
by: Anonymous

It really doesn't matter what you EAT!
Have been Macrobiotic, Vegan for over 20 years eat very clean, drink lots of fluids.VOG IS A REAL ISSUE!! The air is filled with not only sulfer dioxide, but arsenic, mercury, etc. One can justify all kinds of reasons for staying, because lets face it there is a beauty with the islands. But bottom line, the body is not made to breath this kind of adversities in the air!! AND YES, NATURALLY THE BODY REACTS, BECAUSE IT IS WISE!!! No more justifications, listen to your body, of course it is going to react, Pele is Creating!! And we are in her way!

Nov 19, 2011
some helpful advice
by: Anonymous

So just some random advice for everyone with sinus and asthma problems.

Become a Vegan, and eat lots of raw fruits and veggies. problem Solved. (If you must eat meat, stop drinking Milk, that is a big part of your problems)

Nov 19, 2011
22 day Big Island Vacation
by: Anonymous

We have been interested in moving to the Big Island for several years but have been a little fearfull of the vog. On Oct 27 we visited the Big Island again as a holiday and a vog experiment. We stayed in Kona for 7 days, Havi for 3, Hilo for 4, Kapoho for 4 and back to Kona for 3. We looked at a lot of realestate and did a lot of swimming. We generally left our windows open so we could check any effects from the vog on our breathing. In Kona we found that there was a low lying cloud of vog every day except the 15th of Novenber. Even flying in we noticed a thick vog layer extending up past Waikoloa. While in Kona for the first 7 days we noticed we developed mild head aches which disappeared once we moved up to Havi. When we returned to Kona we found that we were experiencing a lot of phlem especially on the 16th which was a very thick vog day. On the 17th after a workout swim at public pool I noticed i had a burning throat immediately after. The vog was very thick on that day. On talking with people we learned that 3 years ago the vog was so thick you could hardly see the traffic lights. Some other travellers also told us they weren't jogging any more because of the vog. However we saw many joggers along Ali Drive in the morning and lots of people working out in the pool. My burning throat may have been a precurser to a cold but it came up right after a fairly intense swimming workout.
All I can say is take some time to see how the vog effects you before you jump in to living there. It would also be interesting to see what research has been done on the effect of the vog on growind children. Good luck. Still a beautiful place.

Nov 04, 2011
More breathing problems in Arizona than Kona
by: Anonymous

My wife and I have a house in Kona and I breath great there I have no allergies to mold. We are back in Arizona now and I very congested and have a headache I do have allergies grass pollen. In Arizona it is simply allergies. I wonder how many people confuse allergies with VOG.

Nov 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

I can really sympathize and the only answer is to get vog monitors set up in Waikoloa and Waimea and even further north into Hawi, so that people on the west side of the island know what the real time PM 2.5 particle counts are. When everyone gets lung cancer or has heart attacks from thicker blood, it is going to be way too late (for those folks anyway!). The government needs to urge the Health Dept to get on this, so that people know when it is too dangerous to go outside. This is one major health problem that Mayor Billie needs to address without further ado.

Nov 03, 2011
It's really bad... and so sad!
by: Theresa

Don't be fooled into believing that vog is NOT an issue (or that is it NOT dangerous) on the west side of the Big Island... because it is! I will admit that some people appear to not be adversely affected, but many more are, whether they recognize it or not. I am having a terrible time living here, even in the Waikoloa Resort area, which usually has some of the best air on the island. I lived in Kona for 6 years and had to leave in 2008 because of the vog triggering my asthma and because the normal asthma meds were not working for me anymore.

I stayed away for 3 years and before I made the decision to return here in June 2011, I did a lot of research online, as well as spoke to many current Big Island residents. Everyone said there's been little or no vog and everyone is in denial! It's been "bad" to "terrible" for 5 months, and it's so bad this week, (even in Waikoloa), I cannot leave my condo. Even inside my air-conditioned/controlled condo, and even on my strong asthma medications, I am struggling to breathe, have a constant headache, my throat burns and my eyes itch. Normally, I do not give unsolicited advice, but I just can't help myself this time: If you have asthma or COPD, or are merely sensitive to airborne pollutants and allergies, DO NOT COME TO THE BIG ISLAND!

Oct 14, 2011
by: Anonymous

I grew up in Pullman, but spent most of my life in SF Bay Area, having bought a place just North of Kailua (above Costco) in April. I have no problem with the Vog. Kona is awesome and yes the Vog has driven down prices. Because I and virtually everyone I know that I discuss this with have no noticeable symptoms from Vog, I simply can't relate to those who do report problems. I'm sure it happens, but I also know it is common to pick up viruses on a jet and wonder if some misdiagnose their respiratory problems. Consider that they still run IronMan in Kona, where the ability to breathe is paramount.

Come visit and see if you have problems. Staying North of Kailua reduces the Vog, but do you want to live in a wind tunnel at Hawi? Hawaii has the longest life expectancy at birth of any state (could be racial due to excess longevity of Asians), but I believe that a move to Kona is more likely than not going to prolong life expectancy in a tiny way, not the reverse.

Sep 28, 2011
Vog on Oahu too
by: Anonymous

I have been getting sinus infections from the vog. My husband and I notice the feeling in our throats and upper respiratory tract as soon as the vog starts bulding up over Oahu. If it gets too bad it turns into a bad sinus infection with loss of hearing from the infection spreading to our ears. People don't generally talk about the vog here. Probably because it usually is not very visible and people don't associate vog with this island. It definately gets over here too. Some areas of the island see it hanging over more than on others.

I have had an ENT specialist tell me I should get surgery to help with the sinus infections. Maybe I should just think about leaving the islands. So sad. We never had sinus trouble until we were exposed to the vog. Now we not only get infections, they last for months at a time.

Sep 10, 2011
Answer to Spokane folks
by: Anonymous

Spokane folks -- funny, I lived in Spokane Valley for 24 years. Live here now. Different seasons are different in regards to the vog. It's been great lately, but most likely this winter, vog once again will invade areas south and west, especially, of the island. In my view, I wouldn't even consider buying a place in Kona, south of there, or much north of there til' you get to about Waimea. Hawi and Hamakua Coast are great and pretty safe all the time. And it's a volcano, it can change at any time, as far as less vog/more vog.

Sep 10, 2011
vog attack on recent trip aug 28-2011
by: Anonymous

My husband got very sick with chills and fever and breathing issues recently while spending 9 days on the Big Island. We are in our 40's and my parents in their 70's. Husband was the only one who had severe symptoms with a migraine, pressure headache. We stayed in Waikoloa and traveled multiple times to Kona snorkeling, luau on beach and sunset cruise. Everything is outside fun from sunrise to sunset so his chances were high for discomfort. We visited every part of the island except the Volcano Park due to bad weather. We had no clue about VOG until the last day of our trip. I couldn't figure out what was aggravating his head and chest. It is an issue to think about when returning to visit. Hope there is a way to help the air quality for everyone.

Sep 07, 2011
No vog in late August
by: Anonymous

Just want to say that we just spent 10 days on the Big Island. Stayed in Waikoloa Beach. Traveled all over. No problems with vog anywhere.

Aug 24, 2011
Someone please help
by: Anonymous

We are from North of Spokane Washington. Beautiful fresh air here. We would like to take a trip to The Big Island this November and December. We are thinking abou buying a place there, but really don't know what to think about the VOG. It sounds pretty bad. Are we making a big mistake by even going there for a month to look for a place? What other Islands are without VOG? Any comments would help before I make reservations for arifare and a place to stay.

Aug 20, 2011
Name Correction....
by: Anonymous

I meant Hawaii Island Retreat, not Hawaii Island Resort. Sorry for the name mixup up. Nice place with clean air and off the beaten track near Hawi.

Jul 09, 2011
Vog Bad Today
by: Anonymous

At 6pm today, the PM 2.5 reading in Kona was at 34 (any PM 2.5 reading over 10 merits caution). Hilo was at 4 - to provide some comparison. The eastern point has clean air 95% of the time - PM2.5 there usually reads well under 10. At sea level, the vog particles are virtually non-existent according to an HPA student report from 2000. The primary health hazard from vog is thicker blood, so take blood thinners (Vit E, Tumeric, etc) and keep an eye on your blood pressure. Stay indoors with the AC on, when the PM 2.5 readings are over 10. Hopefully more vog monitors will be going in around the north end of the island and near Waikoloa, so people at the resorts can get better information. In the meantime, Puna and Hawi get the best air quality on the Big Island and there are some nice places to stay off the beaten track. Hawaii Island Resort in Hawi is really lovely and has a great pool, lots of privacy and pristine air quality.

Jun 12, 2011
by: Ray

My wife and I Took a vacation to Kona in March of 2010. We arrived on Saturday around noon and noticed we had trouble breathing while walking
outdoors. I am not asthmatic nor have I ever experienced health problems of any kind. By Tuesday afternoon (and following a short walk downtown Kona) I was really having discomfort breathing. That was when my heart started racing and I was admitted to Kona community hospital where 7 hours and a number drugs later I stabilized and was ok til 2 days later when I had another session and was readmitted again. I now have atrial flutter which is an on going irregular heart beat, and as yet all the tests I have had show no reason for this problem.After returning home it took several months for me to feel like I was breathing normally again. And I can't help but wonder if the vog triggered this racing heart condition I now have, in any case we will not be visiting the big Island again until this vog abates....

Jun 07, 2011
Mauna Lani/Mauna kea area
by: Anonymous

I am considering moving to the Mauna Lani resort area but am concerned about the vog. Should I be? is the summer worse? thanks for any input you can give me..

May 22, 2011
Emission levels increasing....
by: Anonymous

Gas emissions are back on the upswing again, which means we are going to need those vog monitors when the state gets around to putting them in. PM 2.5 needs to be measured more carefully at the north end of the island - as well as Puna east.

May 18, 2011
Vog Is Better
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry for the poster dated April 27 who had problems, but my family was there in early April with no problems. It seems to be better in 2011, perhaps from the extra rain this year. Who knows? My guess is that if you are prone to respiratory problems, you should avoid Kona, but it is fine for the vast majority of humans.

May 18, 2011
help us
by: sunlaugh

you direct me to a vog measurement site that has only 2008 entries. how helpful is that?

Of all the sites, yours should tell us how many ppm sulfur dioxide in various sites and compare it with pre Father's day eruptions, and with air quality standards. Mahalo. SL

May 14, 2011
Emissions Levels Way Down!
by: Anonymous

The earthquake in Japan and/or activity at the volcano, closed a vent in April and emissions are significantly down.

May 05, 2011
Have the vog levels been decreasing lately?
by: Anonymous

I have to ask because I haven't seen any complaints does that mean everyone is outside playing and enjoying the beautiful weather and clean air?

May 02, 2011
Wailokoa Vog Monitor
by: Anonymous

This will be going in by year end if they have enough funding. My friend in Waikoloa reports on some days it is so bad that she can't see the corner of her own house, so the air doesn't sound very clear there. You really have to go all the way north to Hawi or out on the eastern-most point in Puna to get reliably clean air.

Apr 30, 2011
Just Got Back From Big Island
by: Anonymous

Hi All,

I wanted to post this response for everyone who is considering taking a vacation to the big island. We just got back from a weeks vacation on the Big Island and me, my husband and son are all very sick from the vog. We are hacking up our lungs, and have ear infections! The vog is a really serious thing there, do not let anyone tell you different. We could see the vog the second day that we were there and on the second day that we were there, we got sick. My son went to the emergency room with a really bad asthma attack. We have been back for a week and we are still really sick. We will not be returning anytime soon! I feel for everyone who has to live with the toxicity on the island.

Apr 27, 2011
Hardly notice Vog
by: Anonymous

Stayed in Keahou in January and just north of Kailua town in March. I had no reaction to Vog (tearing, etc) whatsoever. A few eays I noticed it would cloud up in PM and was never sure whether it was clouds, Vog or most likely a combo. And, I saw it as extra protection form too much sun, whihc ws plentiful in AM. It seems way less of a problem than in 2008 from my perspective and from my point of view, a current non issue.

Apr 18, 2011
Waikoloa Vog
by: Anonymous

While Kona is affected a lot from the Vog, Waikaloa stays clear most of the time.

Apr 16, 2011
Good News - Emissions Dropping!
by: Anonymous

The latest volcanic activity reports show rather significant change in emission output. Vog may be clearing up... finally. Today emission report show emissions down nearly 80% since that high polluting March, 2008 vent opened up. Maybe Pele decided to give us a break to enjoy clean air? I sure hope so!

Apr 01, 2011
The Vog makes me miserable!
by: Anonymous

My daughter and son-in-law moved to Kona in the fall of 2007. I have been to visit at least two times a year since then. The ONLY visit that I have not gotten sick from the vog was the very first visit. Since then I have tried everything to prevent it when I get there, nasal rinses, steroid nasal sprays, etc. I am fine for a few days and then I get terrible allergies and feel lethargic and I get an immediate sinus infection. I am an asthmatic and have allergies that are completely controlled at home with daily preventative meds. My asthma does not bother me there except a little tightness. I have resorted to taking antibiotics when I get there and this seems to prevent the problem. I may just have to stop visiting! Any ideas would be appreciated.:(

Mar 21, 2011
VOG...the Cover up?
by: Dave in Capt Cook

I have lived in Captain Cook,by Cap's Drive in(L&L) for almost 8 years. I can count on one hand the number of beautiful,clear days , during the last few years. We have a 165 degree ocean view from our home and maybe 4-5 days a year we get a clear horizon.

The vog is really bad. Our cat is really affected.

I think that not having a SO sensor in the area that is probably the worst in the state, is intentional and done to cover up how bad the vog really is.

If you think I'm making this up , cruise up Captain Cook road any time and look for yourself.

I approched a reporter that had done a story on the vog and told him I think that the state is hiding the true story to protect the tourism trade and he was strangely defensive.

Put a sensor in Captain Cook by Napa auto parts store or on Capt Cook road and I guarantee the numbers will be surprising.

Konawaena schools are close by and I truly believe it is unhealthy for our kids.

Captain Cook used to be so beautiful in the old days. Now for fresh air we go to Volcano!


Mar 08, 2011
by: Sandra Atherton



Feb 12, 2011
It's seems to be getting worse
by: Anonymous

I've lived on the islands over 24 years and as far as I can see (no pun intended ) the vog is lasting longer per incidence as well as more incidences per year. And it seems to me to be getting stronger. I think a lot of folks have the southern Calif syndrome. Denial of what's really happening. Any way in terms of helping with the symptoms the product Air-Power you can get from most health food stores and Just Oxygen which is compressed 90% O2 in a aerosol can helps. I saw it in the Kau Calendar 640-9254 to try the O2 in a can.

Good Luck

Feb 08, 2011
Never bad everywhere at once!
by: Anonymous

You can 96% of the time drive out of vog by either going to Hawi or to Keaau, Pahoa, HPP in Puna. There are vacation rentals in those areas that are nice (see VRBO) and there is a lot of local ambience - like stepping back into the 60's - and a real commitment to healthy living and a relaxed pace of life. Breathing clean air is pretty basic so if you value your lung/heart health and want to see reliably blue skies and a sharp horizon line during your tropical vacation, those are your two best options on the Big Island. The west side of the island (where the big resorts are located) is frequently voggy and socked in so bad you can't see even Mauna Kea - much less the horizon line! Mauna Kea has the best beach, vog particles start over 50 feet over sea level, so if you stay at sea level, you should also be okay. Happy traveling. We are all hoping the volcano goes back to sleep sooner rather than later! In the meantime, you need to know that you CAN get out of vog, by driving north or east on most days! It almost never covers the entire island all at once.

Feb 08, 2011
just go
by: unicykle

if it wasnt for all the vog talk you would just take your vacation and not even notice it, few people have a bad reaction to it especialy for just short term 2 week vacation. kona and south kona are smogy looking most times but just a bit north and its clear and clean, way south stays pretty clear and Hilo is almost always clear but there is no guarantees its wind driven and you can always drive somewhere clear and see some great stuff there.

Feb 06, 2011
Thanks for the comments about the vog
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the comments. I am willing I think I am going with the "up north" anonymous responder - and hoping for the best and for wind. It will be summer. We were looking for Puako but can go up country or further north. I am assuming you can drive away from it - and that it is not going to be bad all over the entire island for days at a time. Anyone else???

Feb 05, 2011
read a map?
by: Anonymous

The vog is bad on the Kona side, why? because of the prevailing trade winds. Meaning they are the most prevalent but not exclusive. A few days a year with a Kona wind we will see a little haze.
Nothing like L.A.or the E.Bay Area.
On Kaloli Point we're on the Eastern most tip of the island. Like being "King of the world",Titanic.
We're on the nose of the fish.
There will be vog on Hilo and we'll have beautiful clear blue skies. I've seen vog reports on TV of downtown Hilo socked in and look out the window and say what Hilo? The one 20 miles away????
Amazing this spot.
Vog no badda me.

Feb 04, 2011
just stay north
by: Anonymous

Hi, Actually the vog tends to be worse in the summer months, but usually it tends to hang in Kona. If you stay at a resort up north like Hapuna Prince or Mauna Kea winds usually keep the air pretty clean there.

Feb 04, 2011
David Here, webmaster and all that
by: David

is the vog bad? yes. does it effect me? not really. makes my eyes itch, maybe. Other people have had health issues arise. My father in law moved away because of it.

I hope this page is not to confusing, but I also want to create a place for people to post what they like say, whether it is that all this talk is hurting tourism, or that the vog is harmful to our kids health.

I don't have answers, because it really seems like a personal thing. people come here because the volcano is going off, and it is one of the most amazing things on the planet, and people leave, because their health is effected by the volcano.

I hope this helps.

Feb 03, 2011
are we crazy to take a trip there in August/September? My husband is asthmatic.
by: Anonymous

It is hard to tell from all the available information how bad the vog/ air quality really is. One of the comments suggested tradewinds are strongest in August/September so vog would be less but there was no confirmation. Other comments say the vog is not as bad as it was a few years ago. Others say it is not bad at sea level.

Really don't want to go to the Big Island and have to stay indoors.

Would appreciate any advice.

Jan 22, 2011
It'll all be over soon
by: Anonymous

Don't worry, the volcano will go out soon. In geologic time!

Jan 08, 2011
Is there a sunny, no Vog place on Big Island?
by: Anonymous

That's horrible that the PM2 is so bad to limit choices to Puna or Hawi. I need sun, so Puna/Hilo won't work. Hawi seems small, windy and off beaten track. Or, does it have redeeming value? Do others agree that Keauhou or Kailua Kona would be a stupid move due to Vog?

This is very sad!

Jan 05, 2011
Unwise? That's an understatement!
by: Anonymous

PM 2.5 particles in the vog thickens blood, which in turn makes a heart beat harder. Those same particles cause lung cancer. You don't necessarily feel thicker blood or lung disease until it is too late. Vog getting significantly worse since 2007. New vent opened March, 2008 tripled sulfuric emissions. Probably not a good idea to move to Big Island unless you live on easternmost point (HPP/Puna) or up at the far north end (Hawi). Eastern point has the cleanest air on the island thanks to their onshore breezes. Very hard to find air monitoring measurements online and dangerous PM 2.5 levels are definitely not being publicized. Goggle "Vog 101" if you want the truth about this.

Dec 30, 2010
Is it unwise to move from SF Bay to Kona?
by: Anonymous

I'm retired and feel the urge to leave CA, my home of 40 years. Like Kona, although the VOG concerns me. With the haze, it is not as pretty as before, but Vog did not seem to bother me on recent trips. I've briefly looked at data sites and the Blog, but I can't discern trends in Vog. It seems worst in 2008, but better in 2009 and 2010 - right? I'd live in Kohala, except the winds are killers. I like a gentle breeze, not gail force like Waikoloa.

Advice please?

Dec 26, 2010
August/September trade winds
by: Andy Pate

I began visiting the Big Island many years ago, but have not been back since the vog became so dangerous. it seems to me that the best time to visit the Big Island would be during the strong Aug/Sept trade wind season. can any one confirm this. it seems strange to me that no one in any position of authority can shed any light on this issue at all.

thanks, andy pate

Nov 01, 2010
Online Air Data
by: Anonymous

New vog website is up and working and easy to link from this web page. Easy to use. No vog monitor in Waikoloa yet, which was supposed to go in this summer. They need more at the north end of the island, particularly Waimea. And Pahoa monitors are not measuring PM 2.5 which is the most toxic particle in the vog and in all air pollution generally. Residents of Big Island should get an annual chest x-rays to verify lung clarity as well as monitor their blood pressure, since pollution is known to thicken blood and trigger cardiac events.
Live safely in paradise!

Sep 05, 2010
Hawaii Health Dept Website
by: Anonymous

The website making daily (but not real time) readings that is linked above was shut down "for upgrading" after June 30th. Two months now with no information online. Hope they are making changes so that vog reports are provided in real time! But two months is a long time to shut down the only way to check Big Island air quality. If you want information, guess you have to pick up the phone and call the State Health Dept or put pressure on the mayor to call the State Health Dept and insure local citizens have real time air quality information online concerning the vog. Good luck. Those on the Big Island really have a pressing need to know! Arden Pope makes a case for small particle pollution and health impact. And you can buy and install your own Small Particle Counter and see what is going on too. That may be the smartest way to protect your heart and lung health if you live on island full time. For tourists, stay at sea level. The marine layer washes out the particles up to 50 feet.
I heard a vog monitor was being installed in Waikoloa. Was it???

Aug 15, 2010
What's up..??
by: Anonymous

I have'nt been on the island since May...Air/vog conditions were very bad then...Have conditions improved at all lately..??

Jul 21, 2010
Outrageous Vog Monitoring on Big Island
by: Anonymous

Current vog reports posted today by the Hawaii State Health Dept online are nearly two months old - except in Hilo, where they are 3 weeks old. This is useless information! The public needs current "real time" vog monitoring on the Big Island. Despite improved conditions (improved since last March) our particle counts remain dangerous. Where is our mayor when we need him?!!!!! There must be someone who can get the State Health Dept or even hire an independent Big Island contractor to monitor and report the vog on a timely "real time" basis to the public. This blackout is really outrageous. Putting a group of PM 2.5 counters around the island and reporting online on a hourly basis shouldn't be rocket science! My Kona friend had a chest x-ray last month and was told by his doc that he now has the lungs of a smoker - even though he has never smoked in his life. Does anyone CARE about air quality on the Big Island? Or are the locals just going to keel over quietly one by one? I find this lack of basic information hard to believe - much less accept.

Jul 17, 2010
Emission Levels Declining
by: Anonymous

Emission levels from the two vents were about 1,100 tonnes a day this month vs nearly 3,000 tonnes per day at their peak in 2009. This is a significant improvement! Air quality much better now!!!

Jul 07, 2010
Emissions Dropping since March, 2010
by: Anonymous

Good news! Beginning March, 2010, volcanic emissions began dropping - and on many days are as low as 50% of their March, 2008 levels. West side still hazy on most days but not as bad as prior to March, 2010. Kona still very seriously socked in but north and east side of island are beautiful, crystal clear air on most days.

Reminds us volcanos are not static and air quality can get better! Very important to keep checking the vog monitor link on this site - and the volcano report for daily output.

Personally, I can see a major difference on the west side air density this June vs the two prior June vog levels. New vog monitor should be in Waikoloa this summer. Keep watching for PM 2.5 counts!!!!

Jun 22, 2010
Research from Mauna Kea Observatory
by: Anonymous

Steve Ryan did a study from 2002-2004 to figure out where on the Kona side the vog accumulated. He is a scientist at Mauna Kea Observatory. Found particle concentrations lower at night. During the day maximum concentrations at 1000 ft - dropping off above and below that elevation. From sea level to 300 ft particles were low all day, perhaps by being deposited into ocean or sticking to salt spray particles.

This contradicts maximum concentration at 6000 foot elevation. However it predates new vent opening in March, 2008.

Seems best to stay at close to sea level.

Jun 13, 2010
Market Turn Around?
by: Anonymous

It will be a decade before this real estate market turns around and if the other two volcano's (now overdue) join the party, it could be even longer! PM 2.5 (the most toxic component of vog) has been proven hazardous within 48 hours exposure to human health. You want to breathe what has been called the 4th worst air pollution on the planet for another decade to gamble a better price on a home?Relocate to best air on island to protect yourself and your family. It is either Hawi/north end of the island - or in Puna/Keaau directly upwind of the volcano, about 10 miles south of Hilo. If they would add a PM 2.5 counter to the Puna vog monitors both E and W, it would be helpful for your population. Anyone know how to get those put in? Seems odd that the monitors aren't reporting PM 2.5 counts from Puna. What gives? Maybe counts are so low they are worried about an incoming stampede?!!! Good luck!

May 29, 2010
my experience
by: brandon

just got back from 3 week on the big island knowing VOG was an issue. Kona was socked in with vog most every day, if you got up at dawn you had a few clear hours. You could go north or south 20-60 miles and get out of it and it was beautiful and clear.Hilo was georgeous every day I was there with no vog in sight. I can realy see how the vog could/is effecting the economy in an already hard time.

May 26, 2010
Hawi and Kapaau
by: Donna

I lived for 12 years in Kapaau, moved for two years to Kailua on Oahu, to be with my daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law. I'm now back on the Big Island in Captain Cook in a second daughter's house.
The fireworks on Oahu were a man-made pollution issue, not just at holidays, Fourth of July and New Year's, but for weeks before and after, until they were all used up. They are shipped over in containers. Regulations are really impossible to enforce anyway. The key is not to allow them on the islands in the first place.

My second point is that Hawaii has a policy of roadside spraying of herbicides. No unsightly weeds covering up the lava?

I'd move back to Kapaau in a minute, only 60 miles to Kona. The tradewinds were the answer. I'm in my daughter's house so we'll wait for the market to improve. I have a water vacuum and use it regularly. I love the idea of capping the vent or filter it thru water. That removes the sulfer dioxide.
The determining factor is how much money is it costing in health care for the family, including pets?

May 20, 2010
Level readings
by: Kona Resident

If you look in the West Hawaii today on page 2 they have an air quality index that hovers in the yellow. Even when the days are crystal clear. I am wondering if anyone knows how they get their reading. If you go to the web site and look at the animation for a day, you can see that the levels move from green to yellow and back to green during the day. Sometimes staying green all day. These readings should not just be averaged. The paper should report each sensor on it's own. This would assist greatly in following where the vog is worse or better.

May 15, 2010
Elevation Studies of Vog
by: Anonymous

Hawaii Prep Academy in Waimea had students do a science project on vog about ten years ago. They measured almost no particles at sea level up to 50 ft and speculated it was due to marine layer. At 1000 feet they found vog hit the peak density and had dispersed by 4000 feet.

Another study (2007 I believe) also found almost no particles from sea level up to 300 feet above sea level. Again the peak density was confirmed at 1000 feet with no particles above 4,000 feet.

When you fly into the Big Island, you see the vog layer sits well below the peak of Mauna Kea and the summit is always crystal clear. The summit is over 13,000 feet above sea level.

The new vent opened in March, 2008 - with greatly increased emissions, so today vog may be peaking at a different elevation, but logically if it is denser wouldn't it drop down to a lower level (as now it is heavier?) I've seen no study that ever mentioned 6000 foot elevation as a peak particle count in scientific research. It would be great if that is true, since most folks live under 6000 feet!! I am skeptical about it however unless a current research source can be cited.

Hopefully new vog monitors will report elevation levels along with location, so the elevation at which PM 2.5 particles now peak can be accurately determined. Certainly they may have changed since the new vent opened!

May 15, 2010
Long Time no Type
by: David

Been a while since I been on here, lot of activity lately.

Yes the vog is bad! Lately real bad! Volcano Park being closed by people wearing gas masks!

Is it the worst at 1000 ft, not as I understand it, that is just one thing in the string of comments lately that is not exactly accurate, according to what I have read.

It is supposedly worst right below the inversion layer, or about 6000 ft, and then rapidly getting better as you go higher. This can be witnessed from the saddle, looking down on mana road area, or towards north side of mauna loa.

When the trade winds are blowing you will find the vog collects in Kona, Pahala, and other air pockets created by the mountains as the wind whips through the saddle.

The worst I have seen is fern forest area, when there is very little wind, or kona winds. It is so thick you can taste it, as you head towards the crater it gets worse.

It is bad. This blog is not intended to scare people or create hysteria, but it is to inform people of the reality of the situation, what they can do, and where to find more info.

There are over 100 entries in this blog, and if you filter out some of it, there is a lot of good stuff.

So keep up the good work you guys and keep sharing the info.

Aloha Kakou

Click Here To see what I am up to lately!

May 15, 2010
Online Vog Monitors
by: Anonymous

You can buy your own PM 2.5 counter online.

Carry it with you if you want to know your air quality in various locations. These come in hand held and backpack models - or can be hooked up to computer software and set up in fixed locations. Some will run 24/7.

Neighbors could split the cost and set these up at community centers to get their own immediate "real time" PM 2.5 readings.

The University of Hawaii is installing an online monitoring website by mid-summer, so watch for that. They want to forecast vog like the weather!

May 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

Vog has been found to be almost entirely absent at sea level (clean to 50 feet above sea level) and also over 4000 ft elevation. So if you are coming to Big Island stay and play at sea level - or head up to top of Mauna Kea! Great tours go to the top!

Worst vog is at 1000 foot elevation!

Ancient Hawaiians lived at sea level and many of them up at the north end of the island or down in Waipio Valley. They knew how to live with Pele.

Easternmost point of Big Island is like bow of a ship. Great air quality from onshore breeze from the east. Vog monitors have very best readings in this area. Point is south of Hilo.

But no monitoring on north end of island as yet. Vog monitors are needed up in Hawi and Waimea, Waipio, Kawahaie too. Knowledge empowers! So ask for vog monitors - and hourly reports - since the levels change hourly with the wind. One reading per day is not enough information!

May 11, 2010
Air Pollution Can Damage Heart, Blood Vessels, Too
by: Anonymous

This article was published by ABC News on August 14, 2008 - Source: American College of Cardiology

"Inhaled pollutants set off an increase in "reactive oxygen species" -- superoxiding molecules that damage cells -- that cause not only inflammation in the lungs, but also trigger harmful effects in the heart and cardiovascular system"

"Ultrafine air pollutants may pass into the blood stream and damage the heart and blood vessels directly... causing an immediate drop in coronary blood flow and the heart's pumping function and tend to cause arrhythmias to develop."

Air pollution can be dangerous at levels that are within the accepted air quality standards...

So in other words, don't count on EPA air quality standards to save your life - or your heart and lungs from ultrafine air particle damage.

May 11, 2010
New England Journal of Medicine 2/07
by: Anonymous

This is one of the most highly regarded medical research papers in our country. Interested in what happens when you breathe vog? You can read about the long term impact of PM 2.5 here. This research should help you freely decide how high a number of PM 2.5 particles you are comfortable breathing. So pick your own numeric risk level. Don't wait around for the EPA to color code it based on a commercial/industrial profit margin!

New England Journal of Medicine - February, 2007

"Long Term Exposure to Air Pollution and Incidence of Cardiovascular Events In Women"

Residents living on the Big Island deserve to know what happens - and what the real numerical levels of PM 2.5 particles are - in the daily vog. We need five more Hawaii State Health Dept vog monitors measuring this particle and we need them NOW. Not when our young adults start having premature heart attacks/strokes from sticky thick blood.

Wake up folks!!!!

Start calling your elected representatives and demand they monitor PM 2.5 particles from every vog monitor - and add five more around the north end of the island - so we can all make informed choices. If anyone tells you they "don't know" what vog does to your health, don't believe it!

Your health is ultimately up to you. Monitoring PM 2.5 particles and informing the public of the readings is the job of our State Health Dept. If we demand they do THEIR job, then we can each do our own better.

May 11, 2010
Vog Monitoring on Big Island
by: Anonymous

There are currently 5 active vog monitors on the Big Island. A new one will be installed further north up in Waikoloa by end of this year. It is hoped that there will be a more installed around the north end of the Big Island, so those who live and travel to that part of the island are properly informed about their daily air quality.

You can access this information by going to the Big Island Vog Index - and clicking on center link (it shows a picture of the island with the location of each monitor) which will take you to daily air readings. If you click on "Big Island Air Quality" you can see current PM 2.5 levels.

You can also type in "Online Air Quality - Big Island" - and also get to these vog monitors. It can be a little difficult to find them the first time around, but keep trying!

Most of these monitors are reporting numerical levels of PM 2.5 - so you do not rely on a color code set by government (they get pressured by industries who do not want to spend $ cleaning their own output!!!) Numerical readings provide the scientific data to evaluate the true safety of your own air quality! You can read about the impact of PM 2.5 on your health, and independently decide how much of those tiny particles you really want to breathe!

The Big Island enjoys the best air quality in the world when the volcano is asleep. It is the most remote land mass on the planet and the air is so pure, the light is absolutely glorious.

When Madame Pele is active, she is the biggest air pollution source in the country! So it is only prudent to check these monitors every single day and base physical activities accordingly. If PM 2.5 levels are high, it is intelligent not to go out jogging - and to stay indoors with the AC going. And keep incoming air vents closed and run your AC when you drive. Watch your daily blood pressure (no matter how old you are!) - and take a natural blood thinner.

Let's all hope and pray that Pele goes back to sleep. In the meantime, check the vog monitors and your own blood pressure on a daily basis to protect your health.

May 08, 2010
Vog Monitor Reports
by: Anonymous

Vog monitors prove Kona has most dangerous air on Big Island - 80% of days seriously high levels of PM 2.5. What does it mean to you? Increased pulse rate and blood pressure and can cause a cardiac event! So bring any prescribed BP meds - or take natural blood thinners like Tumeric and Vit E. Be prepared to stay indoors with AC on 4 days out of every 5. Once you breathe volcanic particles, they don't come out! Impact on lungs, includes lung cancer and asthma attacks.

Read "Particulate Matter: Little things can cause big problems" for easy to understand information on PM 2.5. Also "Union of Concerned Scientists - EPA Air Pollution Decision Threatens Public Health." Recent California research found NO safe level of PM 2.5. - PM 2.5 should be less than 5 - but current EPA level is 35!

Consistently Best Air Quality on Big Island? Hawi to Pololu - or just upwind of volcano - Mt View and Keaau. 80% days in these neighborhoods have good clean air. Hilo has significantly better air quality today than Kona. Their daily average PM 2.5 reading is 6 vs a whopping 22 in Kona! Mt View monitors show reading of average PM 2.5 of 4.

Big Island and Iceland volcano has comparable output - 3000 tones a day. Big Island vog is low to ground, while the Iceland volcano disrupts air travel it shoots so high. Sea level very little PM 2.5. So under 50 feet sea level, marine layer seems to clean the air! Hope this information helps!

May 07, 2010
by: Kona Resident Again

I agree that overall it would be nice to have the volcano stop. But even with the volcano we do not have the worst air in the US. If you go to you can see the actual readings of other cities. As I am writing this it says Kona is Mod/yellow ( Orange is extreme) and 60 air quality rating. The sensor is up mauka above Konawaena High school. It is the only one on the island. So this reading can be Moderate and hundreds of other places are clear of vog on island. It is no accurate to have only one sensor on the island.
Here are some samples of cities in the US today. You will see that we don't have the worst air. Also on the mainland, there are sensors placed every one hundred miles so these are actual figures for these cities not on sensor giving a state wide reading.

Warning color/pollution level
North Carolina
orange/54 Chrollete
Orange/67 Hickory
Orange/67 ASheville ridge top

orange/95 Atlanta

orange/64 Baton Rouge
orange/71 New Orleans

It would be nice the have the state put some effort into knocking the volcano plume down with sea water but they ignore solutions and only complain. Remember that in the 1800's and in 1920's the volcano was far worse and people lived long lives on the island

May 06, 2010
Good Articles on Vog
by: Anonymous

Honolulu Advertiser - April, 2010 - Vog Smothers Big Island. Lots of good current information there.

Big Island Weekly - 2008 - Vog 101 - worth reading to get acquainted with vog basics. Author claims that we have the worst air pollution in the US.

PM 2.5 - type this particle into Goggle if you want to target the most toxic component of vog and find impact on human health. Those who say we "don't know" what vog does to humans isn't telling the whole truth. There are 2000 research papers on the impact of this particle, which is being measured by monitors around the south end of Big Island. New monitor should be in Waikoloa by year end and those readings can be found on Online Air Quality site.

May 05, 2010
Vog 101
by: Anonymous

The component in vog to be worried about is PM 2.5 which can be checked daily by goggling Online Air Quality. An article titled Vog 101, published in Big Island Weekly in 2008 flatly stated "our air is the worst in the nation when it comes to SO2 and PM 2.5." An article in Honolulu Advertiser in April, 2010 "Vog smothers Big Island" also clarifies and updates details. Ignore PM 2.5 levels at your own risk. There are over 2000 peer reviewed research papers on this tiny particles impact on health. The PM 2.5 levels in Kona are the highest, more than places closer to the volcano. Clean air days are currently 20% on the west side - but 80% in Puna, upwind of the volcano. So if you want to find some old fashioned crystal clear air, head upwind of the volcano to Pahoa Town or Keaau! Health problems are thickening of blood/cardiac related - not respiratory for the most part.

May 04, 2010
by: Anonymous



Apr 28, 2010
Vog Updates
by: Mainlander

Aloha...We have been visiting the Big Island every year since 1999 and have never experienced a problem with the Vog. Until April, 2009 when we returned to the Big Island (Kona) for 4 weeks. During those 4 wks, we saw one sunset. The rest of the sunsets were obscured by the VOG and we could see VOG as it moved down the mountains. Our son also suffered throat irration. We love the Big Island and it's residents and will be returning this Fall for another 4 weeks. Is the VOG still causing a problem? Mahalo.

Apr 15, 2010
by: Kona resident

I don't know where the people that write into this blog live but it can't be on the big island. I play golf every week in wikaloa and it us clear. Most days there is a 20mile wind so if the vog report was true the big would be blown away.
I live for miles south of town and have no problem with vog. Once in a while it sits off shore or at the very top of the mountain . I am I'm Maui as I am writing this and there is a haze on lanai but the beach is fine. Your issues with vog will come if u live in puna to around the volcano to ocean view.
I wish it would go away but it doesn't hurt my active lifestyle at all and I have asthma. My guess is folks are using this forum to keep people from coming to big island. We don't need that now, we need more tourism, like other islands we can't pay bills and Kenoi wants to raise property tax

Apr 15, 2010
Had no clue.
by: Anonymous

My first time to Hawaii. When I checked the weather before arriving, the 10 day outlook was sunny and beautiful. When I arrived...overcast. I thought nothing of it, until after the 3rd day. Sunshine in the morning - and around 1pm, the clouds rolled in, now what I know is VOG.

Mar 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

The vog in Waikoloa is still very bad. A friend reported being unable to see the corner of her house and when you fly in, the coast is frequently invisible from the plane. There seems to be a river of vog flowing between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea that pours out over Waikoloa.

I wish I had better news for you, but the vog is a very serious problem.

The only place with predictably clean air is the easternmost point of the Big Island in Puna. It is a rain forest, but they seem to be vog free about 90% of the time. In contrast to perhaps 20% of the time in Waikoloa and on the west side of the Big Island. Let's hope that vent closes up sooner rather than later. People are getting sick.

Mar 01, 2010
waikaloa village
by: lori mae

we lived on big island naalehu for 2 years and wanted to return Is the vog any less in Waikoloa Village Anyone out there like to save us an expensive trip to find out....thanks

Feb 16, 2010
vog stinks bad
by: mattminda

just came back FBI (from big island) and on visit to volcano was blown away by the stink. wow is all i could say. my head hurt the minute the car door opened and whew!!!!!!! eggs rotting odor slammed into me like a truck. then i watched the constant billowing cloud like the furnaces of Mordor. if i lived there i would pack up and leave. but at least the trades were there for our stay at Hapuna beach which was clear, left some mainland money there, bought some indigenous peoples trinkets, drank, and left. good thing there are other islands to visit. GOOD LUCK

Feb 14, 2010
wood valley
by: Anonymous

hi.... I heard wood valley somehow escapes the vog, etc does anybody know this to be true? or have any details about this area? any direct experience? thanks

Feb 12, 2010
by: JOE

I have lived on the Big Island now for 6 years and came from one of the cleanest air regions in the country. I immediately felt the vog effects and was sick constantly that first year. I live in Kona and feel totally different on those rare clear day's. When the vog is thick I feel like I'm outside my body and literally living in a haze. I'm sure that after 26+ years of erupting there must be some studies that have drawn conclusive results. The way the government works here I'm sure they would risk the citizens lives rather than have a massive exodus of residents and tourists. Any results are carefully screened and only small bits and pieces released. The "Air Now" Hawaii page is rarely available for Kona and it's one way that the governement (the Hawaii "health" dept.) keeps outsiders (E.P.A.)from having the 24 hour accumulated particulate count. I'm sure if it was going 24 hours with stored data that could be accessed by the E.P.A. Kona would regularly exceed the limits that were set by the E.P.A.! Unfortunately, our only options are to leave this beautiful place. Madame Pele does not want us here for some reason. She drew us here but now it's time to leave. So sad, what can we do? Living with a gas mask on all of the time is no option!!! To everyone that has written in, I feel your pain and suffering as I have experienced similar symptoms. Aloha!!

Feb 10, 2010
Big Island areas
by: Prof James

I lived in Kealakekua, but when the volcano stopped for 3 weeks in 1996 and I saw how it looks without the vog I freaked out. I lived in Waimea(Kamuela) twice and never had any experiences with vog there in either 1996-8 or 2006-7. I lived in Hilo 2002-5 and when the vog is there, it is the worst of all. I think when the wind shifts from tradewind to Kona wind, there is a pocket of vog west of the vent that gets a 'double-dose' as it comes back over the volcano a second time. When it gets to Hilo, you can actually see and taste it really heavy. I got big headaches whenever I could taste it. I know it gets like that up in Volcano (city) periodically so you'd have to be crazy to live there IMHO. I want to live in Naalehu next, where it does seem the vog is blown away somehow, unlike Pahala and HOVE, but Mme Pele decides so anything can happen, even a mandatory evacuation is certainly possible. A much bigger worry would be the next eruption of Mouna Loa, which could easily bury HOVE, Kealakekua, Hilo or even the Hilton Waikoloa. All these areas have been buried before so they will probably be buried again in massive lava flows. The Hilton could be wiped off the map in three days time - Mauna Loa is BIG!!

Feb 06, 2010
Vog in Puna?
by: Anonymous

How often does the Vog affect Puna, and how bad does it get? I'd like to live in the rainforest there but don't want to get sick!

Feb 02, 2010
Hawi report
by: Anonymous

We live in Hawi, on the far north end of the B.I where the air used to be clear most of the time, but the vog has been increasingly bad up here since the last big blow and seems to be getting increasingly more voggy as time goes on. Everyone's been feeling it these days. We've been here for 11 years and we love it so much, but lately I feel as if I'm developing asthma and and contemplating what we will do if I keep feeling like this. Where do we go from here? I read somewhere about the volcano doing something of this sort in the 1940s? but it only lasted for about a year. Praying that the volcano will do it's thing and get it over with for awhile. I guess I'll give it another year or so, but if it keeps up like this we may need to move out of here. It makes me sad to think of leaving and where would we go?

Jan 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

I agree with "Anonymous" who on January 6th wrote:

"I don't feel that this Vogs potenial health affects are being thoughly put forward to the community and public- we all need to start taking this major potentially killer "vog" more seriously beacuse this is poisonous gases,and no diffrent than smoking/second hand smoke and other harmful chemicals etc.

there should be daily warnings informing the people in the paper when the levels and reading are high people should be staying in doors etc.
And what happends when the Vog smog reaches dangerous levles?
We should all have access to gass masks like the staff personal do up at Volcano National Park during poor air quality !!!"

I personally think the vog is being downplayed which hurts our community in more ways than one. How can we know how to protect ourselves on a day by day basis if we are not properly and honestly informed in a timely manner??

Jan 27, 2010
by: matt

sorry about the volcano, we almost bought a condo there in 05' thank god we didn't. one weeek a year in the other islands is enough, remember there is always tahiti

Jan 25, 2010
We know it's there.Lets do something about it.
by: B.Rupe

Lets save our state.Can you find out what the vog levels before 1924 were.If it wasn't as bad as now,it might have something to do with the pie crust over the vent. creating moisture.Geothermal could cap it,use it clean it.Put the rail money into saving our state.
Blow it up.When it was a lake was it this bad.A nice
lake of fire would be quite the attraction.

Jan 23, 2010
intense vog
by: Anonymous

the vog is definetly not being taken seriously . i live in maui and tonight 1/23/10, i feel like my head is going to explode, this last month is the worst i've seen the vog in the 11 years i've lived here. everyone i know is having head problems and sinus problems right now, but it is not addressed anywhere. i check the online air reports and it just sais moderate. they say don't go outside and don't open your windows, that sounds like a big problem to me......

Jan 21, 2010
fight back against the vog
by: Anonymous

You have seen the snow making machines that make snow at the ski resorts. If you can make snow enough to cover hundreds of acres why not surround the toxic gas vents with giant water guns and shoot spray at the toxic gas 24/7. Even if it cost $1,000,000 a month to pump the water up from the ocean, it is a lot cheaper that the amount our combined property values are dwindling each month, plus loss of tourists and many other negative factors. Let's do something to fight back against this killer VOG. We need a huge community meeting.
My name is Paul. You can reach me at Someone please share some ideas with me. The vog was so bad in Kona today, that I got my chores done and got out of there as quiclky as possible. My lungs are still aching tonight here in Waikoloa. We all need to do something or mass evacuate the island.

Jan 06, 2010
Hilo is Heven or Hell?
by: Anonymous

I love the Big Island and thats why we built our family home here and have spent the last 8 years here raising our 4 kids....
However I am becoming increasingly concerned about the terrible on going VOG issue we are all being affected by whether we "feel" it or not, if you are being told not to take deep breaths or the vog particals can be "imbedded in your lungs" something is really wrong!!!not exactly Paradise!
We live in Paradise Park and today has been one of the worst Vog days,apon going out side one is hit with an extreme sulfur smell and taste, and you can't see beyond the trees in our yard, at times we can barely see our neighbours house across the street! our children are lathagic with headaches and we are having to keep the house shut up and my mother who is visiting over Christmas from Australia and is fit healthy person is feeling terribe , with headaches and itchy eyes, and no energy!!!
I don't feel that this Vogs potenial health affects are being thoughly put forward to the community and public- we all need to start taking this major potentially killer "vog" more seriously beacuse this is poisonous gases,and no diffrent than smoking/second hand smoke and other harmful chemicals etc.

there should be daily warnings informing the people in the paper when the levels and reading are high people should be staying in doors etc.
And what happends when the Vog smog reaches dangerous levles?
We should all have access to gass masks like the staff personal do up at Volcano National Park during poor air quality !!!

Dec 29, 2009
SO2 levels and plants
by: Dolphinskye

Did you ever notice how vibrant the natural landscape is near the volcano? Studies show that an increase in sulfur dioxide levels cause plants to produce a greater amount of antioxidants. I am wondering if the cultivated plants that are having an adverse reaction to the vog were the result of chemical sprays interacting with the SO2. Are there any homegardeners that feel they are less affected by the VOG?

Dec 13, 2009
vog related illness
by: Anonymous

Sinus and ear problems that turn into lung problems -- I'm sick, my wife is sick, the baby is sick; this vog is ridiculous.

Dec 10, 2009
how are you folks doing??
by: nets


I left the island last year and I miss it a lot!
I still look everyday to check the conditions.
How are you folks fairing?? Any one who would like to share I'd be interested to hear. Hoping for clear skies and sunny days for you all.

Dec 10, 2009
County View Point closures
by: Anonymous

The County closes the lava viewing area at Kalapana if the wind is blowing anywhere near south to north, or apparently even if its blowing north to south but not that strongly (as happened when we visited 12/4/2009). For a recorded message that will tell you if the view point is closed (updated at 3 PM if it is closed), call the county 808-961-8093.

Nov 02, 2009
recent visit to big island
by: kobydog

We recently visited and had some bad days and some OK days re vog. We looked at properties, as we would like to move to the Big Island to retire. The vog is like the elephant in the's obvious, but the Realtors act like it's a non-issue :(

The website has been recommended on this blog to check current conditions in HI. When going to this site, I cannot find a date available on that page. Is this really an up to date source of info? When you go to the US map link, a date IS provided, and you can link to different parts of the mainland, but CANNOT link to the HI map! I'd like to confirm that the info provided for HI is really current...or are there better sites to visit for up to date info?



Oct 17, 2009
Voggy days
by: Chelsea

A Big Aloha,

I used to live on the Big Island and was very ill from the vog back in the 80's and 90's, and then we moved to Idaho. My sinuses were so inflamed and red from trying to breathe. All that cleared up when we moved away, off island and to a dry climate with descent air quality. I think that is the only answer if somebody gets seriously ill. Move!!!

I was sick all the time, and was bedridden a lot until we moved off island. If that is not possible then I would have one room in the house that is air-conditioned and a really top of the line air purifier. Eat lots of green vege's especially KELP, and tons of vitamins that are natural with condensed greens, and vitamin C, and get lots of sunshine that promotes natural D.

I feel for all of you out there and I know what it is like to be sick from the vog. Stay inside, and get an air-conditioned room to escape! That did help me when I lived there, but then my allergies kicked in and I was unbelievably ill. Too muchie! I am all better now and it took a long time to get better, and now I have happy memories of the Big Island and the many adventures while living there.

Take Care!

You can contact me if you would like at:
I can talk for hours about the Vog and the effects.

Hope this helps...

Sep 22, 2009
I want to be back in kona....I
by: Anonymous

was out there a year ago to hang out with my brother who lived in Kona....i've been to island a few times over the years. Last time I was there kona would be nice in the am...but by noon it looks like a gray day....but once you headed to waipoi (forgive my spelling)....the vog would let up. Is this still the case that the vog remains at in kona all the way to hilo along the coast.....except south point case it's jst enough wind to wipe out the vog.....

as you locals know....the island jst letting you guys know how he feels, he'll be in a better mode sooner or later....he has seen to many ego's on boards (ha ha ha ha)

don't drink kona coffee

Sep 04, 2009
Thinking of moving back..
by: Anonymous

....wondered whether folks can tell me how vog conditions have been of late on the BI. Looking at the so2 map it looks much are people noticing it around the island? Would greatly appreciate any info you guys have....thanks!!

Aug 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

I love the Big Island so much, my husband and I personally designed and built our beautiful home here. However, I am SO tired of this vog. The effects of the nasty stuff are apparent. This morning, a nice, light trade wind kept the air fairly clean, enabling me to work on taking care of my home. However, when I felt the lately-familiar labored breathing and fatigue, I looked outside and - of course - saw the vog had returned in full force. Many are ignoring this bad situation, and it is frustrating that we Big Island residents are not receiving adequate information about the vog. For the past two days the "Air Quality Index" site which reports SO2 and Ozone levels, has been down, giving residents false reports of a "zero" SO2 level. Even the weather channel often gives false reports that the West side of the Big Island is enjoying the "usual" blue skies and winds, as I look out the window to see still trees and the gray vog. Is anyone else feeling frustrated by these conditions?

Aug 25, 2009
by: Anonymous

when is the vog ever going to quit?When will Pele be done?I lived in Kona for 22 years,now live in Seattle for 10 years.I went back to Kona for 3 weeks back in May.It was nice the first half,then the vog moved in thick.Driving up Mauka,I couldn't even see the ocean!!I can't remember it ever being so thick.I remember Kona before the volcano went off.So beautiful.Now,it reminds me of LA smog and gives me headache.Too bad.I had to leave there finally,partly because of the vog.The Big Island is a very special place,I wish Madame Pele would relax and quit spewing the ash.

Jun 18, 2009
Aloha Kakou
by: David

This is mostly in response to Birdy's message, but Aloha to everyone else that has been leaving messages. As far as I know it was just another average day on the Big Island. The links at the top of the page are the best way of monitoring the conditions on the Big Island that I know about. The one for Halemaumau conditions has a meter under the map of the summit, and if the colors are green, then everything is good. If the colors start to change, then the rest of the island will probably start to feel the effects.

As far as the health hazard of the volcanic emissions, I think they are real, but people have been dealing with volcanic emissions as long as people have been around.

The page that we wrote about the vog has a break down of some of the contents of the emissions, as well as things you can do to counter act the vog.

We use a air filter in our bedroom. This seems to help. For those closer to the volcano, a SO2 eliminator helps. One of our users provided this model for it, it is easy to make and people seem to have good results from it.

In Kona, and other areas not surrounding the summit, the SO2 is not that big of a concern. The hazard comes from the other particulates that are in the aerosol that is vog. Arsenic and Selenium are among the worst.

We do our best to be real about the vog, what it is, the effect that it can have, and what we can do to stay informed.

2 Scoops

Jun 17, 2009
Vog Alert?
by: Birdy43

Just got a phone call from a mainland friend. She was very concerned, heard on her news channel (Santa Cruz CA.)that Big Island was having a high vog alert. Every day it seems to get a little worse. Here at 1000 ft. we hardly ever see blue skies in the morning anymore. Is there a sight that gives up to date vog alerts, maybe emails? I'm gettin' paranoid about it, I think. Mahalo!

Jun 16, 2009
by: Kapahulu

Thanks for this site! Very informative. I am suffering a lot and I'm all the way over here in East Oahu. I wake up in the morning and I can tell if it is going to be a voggy day. I had to go to a naturopathic MD last week and try to get some alternative relief b/c daily prescription antihistamines are not preventing itchy/sore throat, gritty eyes and conjunctivitis, and constant runny nose when I'm outdoors. 'Auwe!

Jun 03, 2009
Get out While You Can
by: Kimo

The Big Island - especially the Kona side - has definitely gotten worse and worse since the initial eruption in February of 1982 - as so far as the poisonous VOG goes!

No matter how you residents try to gloss this harmful issue over with your rhetoric biased by the fact that you live there and really cannot afford to leave...the plain facts are that you will certainly get long term negative health benefits!

Quite candidly, those that don't leave there and come back and see how really bad it is, you are living a lie! This is poison that you and your children are breathing in every day, and the real consequences of this will show up in a few years when you are older.

When I was back in February, I couldn't believe the terrible condition that the vog was having on the Kona side of the Big Island...we couldn't see 2-3 miles out to sea and the breathing was noticeably affected by the inhaling of poisonous gas from Kilaeua.

No wonder that Kailua-Kona has morphed into a ghetto - its pathetic how things have changed on Alii Drive, Kuakini Avenua, Mamalahoa Highway, etc., in Kona. I wouldn't want to guess how many doctor's visits have gone by the wayside and counted as wasted dollars - with no real relief in sight because of this ongoing (27 years)health hazard.

Those that still have a half a brain should think about moving out before its too late!

May 20, 2009
SO 2 Levels in Hilo get Very High.
by: David

As you can see the winds out of the south west made Hilo a uncomfortable environment yesterday.

Kona on the other hand was gorgeous.

Volcano, Fern Forest and surrounding areas had extremely thick air.

Halemaumau and Puu O o continues to pore out a SO2 plume, and it is only a matter of what way the wind blows.

May 08, 2009
No Confusion
by: David

If you reread the post, you will see that I said that the summit conditions reached red level, and in fact the next day, the conditions reached purple levels very briefly. This reading is off the National Park Service Link, which is updated every 20 minutes or so:

Furthermore the satellite images over Kona for the next day showed high concentrations of SO2.

Conditions are back to green at the moment

Also, 61 PPM(parts per million) would kill you, the reading is in PPB(parts per billion).

May 07, 2009
S02 versus PPM
by: Anonymous


I was concerned that you are confusing the two. At the site airquality now the SO2 levels have been green all week for Kona.
However we were in green level for the PPM on the particle count until around last weekend. It then zoomed upward in Kona until today when we're at 61 ppm. To put it into perspective this is the same air today as San Diego, LA, Cleaveland and the list goes on and on. Now next week we very well may be back in the green area but in the meantime it isn't any worst than many cities in the US and they probably will never see any green days! It's not pristine every day BUT some days it is and maybe one of the vents will quit!

May 05, 2009
Vog is going to be worse today.
by: David

SO2 plume is in the summit area. All individuals should limit or avoid outdoor exertion, or stay indoors or in an air conditioned environment.

Look for heavy conditions around the island today.

For the most current readings, check the Hale Mau MAu and Pu`u O`o conditions link.

Aloha David

May 05, 2009
Wind where are thee?
by: Anonymous

Kawaihae has been socked in for 3 days. Sunday it was nice in Kailua than it was here. Better times are a'coming.

May 05, 2009
Vog as bad as last year! Could not see the coastline at times today
by: David

I was working up on the mountain today, framing a house, and the vog was bad. Driving to work you could see it thick on the road, but once I was up the mountain, it was bad. I could barely see the coastline.

I got a page submitted in our contact us portion of the website, and a third grade teacher is concerned for the health of the kids.

Kona and Pahala stations read high levels of SO2, with Pahala reaching almost 400ppb, and the Jaggar museum, in Volcano, hit red conditions for one hour today. Red is one level below purple, which is cause for evacuation.

Below is the satallite images from today and yesterday, and you can clearly see the presence of the vog.

2 Scoops

Aloha Kakou

Apr 15, 2009
Vog conditions have worsened again, but not as bad as last year
by: David

Aloha Kakou

Vog conditions have gotten pretty bad in the last few days, due to a a pretty good little outburst on Sunday(Picture below)

Alothough most of the S02 tends to go the east and south sides the conditions have been especially bad in Kona, where the vog tends to collect.

The levels have not been near as bad as last year, but they are by far worse then the last few months.

I fixed the link to the updated page for the S02 images, and you can see there that the levels have cleared up, now those of us in Kona just need the wind to clear our the air.

Aloha Grandma M, thanks for keeping me company here, it has been kind of lonely, but that also is a good thing of sorts.

2 Scoops


Mar 26, 2009
HI David
by: Grandma M

Goodmourning David just wanted to say thanks again and much appreciation for your site. hope you are not feeling to lonely. Did get a lot in Nanawale estates. missing the island already

Grandma M

Mar 26, 2009
Halema`uma`u continues to be active but not anything like last year.
by: David

Last year at this time people were starting to feel the effects of the awakening of Halema`uma`u. These days people are just breathing easier that conditions are almost back to what we have grown used to the last twenty years.

Yes the Vog is still there, but it is not anything like it was last summer. It gets thick in Kona on certain days, and you can still taste it in Fern Forest every once in a while, but it is all in all manageable, and should not impair anyone's health.

Feb 22, 2009
No News Has Been Good News!
by: David

Well since the middle of December, the vog conditions have been very moderate, and almost non existent at times.

I haven't felt the need to update this blog for almost two months, and No News has been Good News.

Hopefully this trend continues. Although this page will probably begin to feel a bit neglected.

Aloha Kakou

Jan 28, 2009
All Clear
by: Daren

We just spent a week in Kona (mid to late January 09) and after all I had heard I was on the look-out for signs of vog. We noticed a slight bit of haze against the mountainside above Kona on a couple of the days late in the afternoon, but otherwise it was all clear and beautiful. Blue skies and sunshine every day!

Jan 20, 2009
Still not much activity from Halema`uma`u, which has given us beautiful conditions
by: David

Well, I'm not sure if it's time to tell all the people that have moved to come back, but the air has been clean. Halema`uma`u has been emitting hardly anything for the last month.

It has been nice.

for the full press release from USGS follow this link

2 Scoops Aloha

Jan 09, 2009
Halema`uma`u Crater could be going dormant again
by: David

Well it was in both Big Island newspapers today that Halema`ma`u could be all pau.

It appears that a earthquake in early December might have caused the Crater to go to sleep again.

It is still emitting gases, but not much ash, and no lava.

The rate that it has been emitting gases is also way below what it was churning out for a while.

This would explain the beautiful conditions that the Big Island has been having lately.

Hopefully this is the end, and we can all breathe easier. Pun intended.

Jan 01, 2009
Happy New Year David
by: Grandma M

Hi and Happy New Year to you too, beautiful sunrise this mourning in NE and what a great new year ahead, only positive flow to come.

Mahalo for the updates

Dec 30, 2008
Happy New Year
by: David

Well 2009 is almost here, so Happy New Year everybody!

The vog has been almost non-existent this last week, and there is quite a bit of snow on Mauna Kea.

Happy Holidays, and I'll update again soon.

2 Scoops Aloha

Dec 21, 2008
Ok Island of Death Might be Exagerating
by: David

I think that that it is a little bit of a stretch to say Island of Death.

People on this Island have been dealing with volcanic emissions as long as people have been here, and they have thrived.

Some people that are more sensitive have had issues.

The last week has been nice, the Kona sky at night has been beautiful. You can see the stars very clearly and there doesn't seem to be much vog.

When the rainy season and summer come to Kona, I think that it will get thick again, but that really depends on the volcano.

Here is a satellite image from 12-19-08

Dec 16, 2008
The Island of Death is Reality
by: Anonymous

My father in Law became deathly ill and moved because of the vog. It hasn't effected me or my wife, but he left in a hurry!

Dec 12, 2008
by: Anonymous

Saying "This Island Of Death" is exaggerating and dramatic. PLEASE!!!!

Dec 11, 2008
The Vog is a Real Threat, At Least the Government Thinks So.
by: David

Here is some new information that just came to my attention. It has to do with a government agency formed to look into the effects of vog. Here is the Oct 6th Report from the Special Committee on Vog Effects

To everybody that posted on here that people are exaggerating, I think that it is a matter of perspective.

Some people have been getting sick, others feel fine.

Hopefully we can all be civil. This has effected everybody, whether economically or physically. That is what the report deals with.

Also here is a Satellite Photo from last week from the National Weather Service showing the vog from space.

Dec 08, 2008
What a Crock
by: Anonymous

The Big Island Of Hawaii is beautiful. There is vog but it is not as described by our exagerating hypochondriac in the previous blog. I have lived here for 21 years and I feel great. I have white canaries that sing everyday and are healthy, As far as I am concerned that guy can go to Kauai and stay there. I don't care. However don't let him scare any of you. The Big Island is beautiful.

Dec 07, 2008
The island of death
by: Merk

The lethal death gas is killing our plants, bodies and real estate market. All my gardens are dead. My family and friends are dying of this lethal mixture from Pele.The vog is terrible
and is killing our islands ohana.
My skin is turning yellow and my blood is contaminated -horrible.
Stay away from this island until further notice.
The lethal gas and dioxide is a death mixture
is bad for our animals and or keiki

We are moving from this slow island of death.

Kauai here we come.

Dec 06, 2008
by: Grandma M

HI David,

Just got back from the big island, what a different view the the last few times I was there, cant say I noticed any problems with health ect, but wasn't probably there long enough, however did only see one fair sunset in Kona during 9 day stay.

Weather was perfect,just no real sun to speak of unless you went further north Hapuna beach was wonderful. Will come back,maybe in 6 months and see if any better changes ect.

Do appreciate your work at keeping us mainlanders informed, still looking at properties but a lil slower in exact move date.

Thanks again
Grandma M

Dec 05, 2008
Not Sure Pele wants a salt water shower
by: Kim in Oregon

Thanks David, for this link, and discussion---it has been more informative than anything else I've seen on vog.

I have come to the Hawaiian Islands for many years, but Dec. 11 will be our first trip to the Big Island. Have been on the internet regarding a lot of subjects, including real estate. Clearly, vog is driving down prices on the big island, which is a shame for property owners. It actually seems to be accelerating since I first started checking it out this summer. (more depression in real estate than other islands).

Regarding the idea of a water spray to wet down the gasses---great idea, but I was an eye witness to the Mt. St. Helens eruption on May 18, 1980. which decapitatedSt. Helens, blowing a cubic mile off that volcano, and the only reason less than 100 people died was because it was so remote. The cause of that eruption was water seepage into the jointed rock over a long period of time which came into contact with the rising lava, causing steam which expanded, but couldn't vent. ---thus the massive explosion. I know the hawaiian volcanos are different, with more viscus lava, but its still something to think about if thee is a temptation to apply a man made solution to this problem

Dec 04, 2008
Don't Know What Cialis has to do with Vog, but the Vog has been thick!
by: David

I don't know who keeps putting the post about Cialis on the blog, but obviously they know a lot about it. Personally I don't need it.

But back to the vog. As you can see below, Kona winds yesterday made conditions pretty bad. These are the days when you definitely don't want to over do it.

Also drink plenty fluids.

Nov 22, 2008
Here is an Example of Good Days
by: David

Here is a good look at a satellite image of SO2 readings when they are low.

The difference is night and day from last week.

Nov 19, 2008
Thank you Kamakane
by: David

Well the picture tells it all. The Tradewinds are back, and the SO2 is heading back out to sea.

Added some new links. The State's SO2 readings are pretty interesting.

Aloha Kakou

Nov 16, 2008
Vog Is thick!
by: David

Aloha all

The last few days, we have been experiencing extremely thick vog on the East side of the Big Island, due to very light trade winds. Here is a picture of the satellite images from today.

As you can see, the vog is thick! Possibly the worst conditions in months. People on the east side around Volcano have been saying they can taste the sulfur.

West and North sides have not been as bad, but it is definitely more then we would like.

I'll keep updating, like to hear more from those on the East side,

Aloha David

Nov 10, 2008
Many Thanks
by: Grandma M

Good mounring David the info youve provided is greatly appreciated. Will definetly look more to the North.

Many Thanks
Down to earth Mother

Nov 10, 2008
I Love it Here Also
by: David

The Big Island is unique in far more then its setting. The people are one of a kind. Possibly the most mixed plate of cultures equally represented anywhere.

The Vog has had a impact though. We have witnessed people we know and love moving off Island because of Health concerns. The vog has mostly effected the young, elderly, and more sensitive of our residents, but we all have noticed it.

The least effected areas as far as I know have been the areas up North. Especially around Hawi area where the trade winds blow consistently and keep the air relatively clean.

Hilo side has been very nice on 90% of the days, but you get those days when the Kona Winds come and blow all the emissions that way, and it gets thick.

Kona was starting to get back to normal, but yesterday was thick, and the satellite images were showing SO2 up here, which is rare. SO2 and Vog are different things. SO2 is a deadly gas, while Vog is a aerosol made of of ash, dust and gases mixed with water vapor.

Anyway hope this helped!

Aloha David

Nov 08, 2008
Love the island
by: Grandma M

Will also be visiting soon in two weeks have been to the island many times feels like home, would love to buy property and live off land, away from rat race here. Garden ect. Will be checking out properties this time around, hope plant life shows me the time is right. Family wants simplar life too. any suggestions on areas hit worst by vog, to stay away from. and good areas for living off the land?

Much appreciated
Down to earth Mother

Nov 04, 2008
Thanks for the update
by: Ryan

David, thanks for your impressions and comments. We loooove Kona and visit each year. Have made our reservations for February on faith that the VOG would not turn us back. So pleased to see Kona Cams showing a much clearer horizon. Was amazed to find that many condos were still booked early even with high VOG index this fall. Guess we all know it is so special that even some VOG is not enough to keep us away. The VOG updates are very much appreciated by us mainlanders waiting for our time in paradise.

Oct 28, 2008
Getting Better
by: David

The last month or so Halemaumau has been pushing more lava to the surface of its crater, and scientists have even observed a lake of lava underneath the surface. This has resulted in less emissions from the crater, as the Smoke, ashes, and gases are giving way to Lava.

Because of this the vog has been almost back to the same conditions that it was before the awakening of Halemaumau in March. However, people are still moving away because of this, and people are still complaining of vog related symptoms.

Whether it is in their head or due to volcanic emissions is not for anyone but doctors to say, who seem reluctant to comment. My sons pediatrician was not willing to talk about other patients he had, and said that if my son was exhibiting symptoms he would talk to me. My son has been fine, but I was just curious to see if there really was an effect on children.

Mamaki Tea seems to be the best herbal remedy still, and getting in the ocean a lot always does the trick.

The ionic foot bath seems like a good idea, as vog does contain heavy metals, which typically deposit in your feet, once they are in your bloodstream.

Well thats all from me, thought I would give a quick summary, and get the blog back on track.

2 Scoops Aloha


Oct 08, 2008
Stop scaring people
by: Anonymous

The emergency room at Ka'u Hospital in Pahala is seeing an average of three people a day -- up from two -- with symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath.
Are you Kidding me? Up to three from two? Maybe if it was like 10 or 20 more we should panic. C'mon. Really what are you people doing. Yes it is cloudy more than before. But the vog is not what you are saying.

Oct 08, 2008
Kilauea's toxic gas kills crops, sickens islanders
by: Anonymous

Actually the Oct 7th blog isn't extremely exaggerated. This clip is directly from, and there is at least two more articles there.

Kilauea's toxic gas kills crops, sickens islanders

OCEAN VIEW, Hawaii (AP) -- For eight years, Tony and Sam Bayaoa have grown thousands of bright red, yellow and pink protea flowers on their farm. Then in March, Kilauea volcano opened a new vent and began spewing double the usual amount of toxic gas.

Now about 70 percent of their crop is dried, brown and brittle.

"The first reaction was -- did someone poison the plants?" said Tony Bayaoa, whose two-acre farm is 35 miles from the volcano. "I've lost my livelihood."

Big Island crops are shriveling as sulfur dioxide from Kilauea wafts over them and envelops them in "vog," or volcanic smog. People are wheezing, and schoolchildren are being kept indoors during recess. High gas levels led Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to close several days last month, forcing the evacuation of thousands of visitors.

Residents of this volcanic island are used to toxic gas. But this haze is so bad that farmers are thinking about growing different crops, and many people are worrying about their health.

Kirk Brewer, 33, an electrician who moved to the Big Island in 2006 from Southern California, blames his headaches and wife Tracy's itchy skin, sore throat and runny nose on the vog.

"It's a bummer when you go to the other islands and see how clear and blue it is, but we'll just deal with it," Brewer said.

When educator Ann Peterson of Kona went to the bank last week, she and the teller were making the same noises in their throats. They looked at each other and said in unison, "Vog!"

Kilauea on the Big Island has been erupting continuously since 1983. But in mid-March, a new vent formed at the summit, giving Kilauea two large sulfur dioxide outlets instead of one.

Sulfur dioxide, a pollutant that is also generated by burning coal and oil, can lead to asthma and other respiratory illnesses and aggravate lung and heart disease. When combined with dust and sunlight, it makes vog. Mixed with atmospheric moisture, it produces acid rain.

Oct 08, 2008
Kilauea's toxic gas kills crops, sickens islanders (continued)
by: Anonymous

Exceptionally thick gray-white vog has hovered over parts of the Big Island for weeks, particularly those areas downwind of the crater. The wind has blown vog to Oahu, 200 miles to the north, bathing Honolulu in a light haze. (The vog is no threat to the U.S. mainland, some 2,500 miles away.)

Some crops are doing fine. Coffee and macadamia nuts, two of the Big Island's mainstays, appear unaffected. Koa and ohia trees are healthy, but eucalyptus leaves are turning brown, as are Asiatic lilies.

Protea may be the hardest hit, though experts don't know why. The hand-size blossoms are used in tropical floral arrangements and are a $1.8 million-a-year business in the islands.

Kelvin Sewake of the University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture said he is not sure if it is the gas or acid rain that is killing the plants. He said Big Island protea growers have always suffered sulfur dioxide "burns," but he has never seen it this bad.

Dan Wegner, the biggest protea farmer in Ocean View, with about 15 acres, said he usually records $70,000 in annual sales. This year, he is not sure if he will reap half that.

"This is taking my viable business right now and putting it right in the dumper. I don't know what I'm going to do," Wegner said. "It's frightening."

One reason the vog is worse is that the new vent is farther inland than the older Puu Oo vent on the mountain's seaside slope. While gas from the Puu Oo vent often blows out to sea, the new plume is more likely to hit farms and communities in concentrated form.

The county has issued only two temporary, voluntary evacuation advisories for Ocean View and Pahala, which have a combined population of just more than 4,000. The vog that has settled over the Big Island has little or no odor.

The emergency room at Ka'u Hospital in Pahala is seeing an average of three people a day -- up from two -- with symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath.

Dr. Cliff Field, ER director, said he is more concerned about the potential long-term harm. Large amounts of vog may cause emphysema and chronic lung disease over time. Still, he questioned whether living next to Kilauea is any worse than living in a city like Los Angeles.

Sally Ancheta of the American Lung Association of Hawaii said people should stay inside when the vog is bad. But she added: "I would not recommend anybody leaving. It's too good of a place to live."

Oct 08, 2008
Oct 7 blog is exxageration
by: Anonymous

Most of the happenings on the oct 7th comment is just about the economy. Coincidence. People are living and thriving just like anywhere else in the world. The oct 7th blog is an extreme exxageration. Hotel occupancies have depleted because of airfare prices and the recession and potential depression we are in. A completely different matter. Just happens to be at the same time. People like that are just trying to make our economy worse. Thanks Buddy!!!!!

Oct 07, 2008
Death - Real Estate and no Tourists.
by: Ship Hawkins Pu'u

Well as you know, Many people are selling their homes on the big island due to Vog. The real estate market is going to get slammed on the big island. Tourists are going elsewhere due to economy and the Vog here. The worst is yet to come. I've heard that CA investers are pulling out of the big Island for good. Hotel occupancy will dip to 48% in 2009. Investors are not buying Big Island real estate and are selling the remaining stock at a huge loss of 30%
The Vog will then completly whip out the remaining AG crops. The big Island will lose
15% of it's job force. News about VOG on the big Island has spread in newpapers across the country and world. The word is out.
CNN is reporting that tourists and residents should beware of health risks such as Cancer and
Lung infections.

Oct 06, 2008
I feel just fine
by: Anonymous

I don't know people. I live in Hawaiian Ocean View Estates. I have asthma and have not felt anything from the vog. I have not used my nebulizer of Advir since 2005. I am very sensitive but I have not been feeling any of the symptoms people are complaining about. I had a friend who was laying on my couch and she did not know I had a himalayan cat and she said she cannot be exposed to any cat dander of cat hair or she will go into respiratory distress and start sneezing and coughing intil collapse. Naturally I did not inform her that my cat sleeps on that couch most of the day and I did not bring my cat in. What I am saying is some people may be reacting just from suggestion.

Oct 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

The indigenous Hawaiians have been wanting their lands back. I believe they may have gotten an answered to their prayers. Hope Pele doesn't take this to far. I believe offerings (no virgins), but purity of heart, and a whole lot of Forgiveness those who came and laid claim to Paradise. Forgive the past and do the offerings and perhaps Pele's spirit will grow calm. Just a comment. One I believe can help.

Sep 30, 2008
by: Anonymous

we have to get out of the daily pollution. Makes my wife sick. Going to another part of the island to see blue skies and white clouds. I like the guys idea of pumping sea water on the vent. Not likely..cough--cough

Sep 24, 2008
RE: Vog poisoning by VB
by: BF

It is highly unlikely that you experienced vog poisoning in Kapoho as the winds generally come from the other direction.

What you are most likely experiencing is the poison spray drift from the papaya farms.

Sep 24, 2008
Vog level in South Kona
by: Anonymous

Was wondering how the vog is in the South Kona area and Milolii?
Was told recently that is was not bad there and I was under the impression that it was.We were there in May and it didn't bother our breathing that much but we only got to see the sun set 3 times out of 30 days.

Sep 20, 2008
Visit to Kailua- response to Gary
by: Kailua-Kona Wahine

Aloha Gary,

The VOG is not too bad right in Kailua-Kona near the coast. The sky is hazy with it most days. However, if you drive north to the beaches you can get out of it quickly unless the trades are not blowing and then the entire state is covered. No way to predict what November might be like. I wouldn't cancel your trip. Most tourists just think it is hazy.
The skies are very clear where the actual plumes are! Just don't hand around South Kona and Kau for long.

Sep 18, 2008
Organic sulfur is bio available, the VOG is not
by: Patrick McGean

The gaseous pollution from the volcanic activity is a result of this activity occurring in the atmosphere.
When this same volcanic activity occurs deep in the oceanic volcanic trenches then the sulfur is released as free sulfur not sulfur dioxide.
If sea water were pumped over the gas plume where the lava flows into the sea possibly it could reduce the S02 to sulfur and oxygen.
Hawaii has sea going pumpers which could test this
theory. In Chile fresh water was sprayed on the
gaseous plume but what was missing was the salt.
Salt replaces the sulfur in a form of electrolysis
The sudden quenching of the lava flow in sea water
suffers from the air in which this occurs. No
free oxygen and nitrogen are available in the deep
sea trenches where the black smokers provide free
sulfur for plankton, the beginning of the aquatic food chain.
This is only a theory but if the SO2 and the resulting sulfuric acid could be reduced with this process then the adverse effects of the VOG could possibly be decreased to plants and animals alike, we humans are animals.
Our study members have experience a resolution to a number of allergies both atmospheric and food borne by adding organic sulfur to their diets.
We believe that enabling cellular regeneration is the key to what our members are reporting.

Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study

Sep 17, 2008
Kona Village
by: David


I haven't been down to the village lately, but that area, right around the airport, and right North of it, are a lot bette then the rest of Kona. The winds tend to keep the air relatively clean, but there was one day when the wind died and the vog was thick!

That being said I would go for it. There is usually trade winds consistently in November, and the ambiance of KV can not be beat.

As long as you don't want to go into Kona town, you should be fine.

Aloha David

Sep 16, 2008
What's the VOG situation near Kona Village?
by: Gary

My wife's 50th is coming up in November, and she loves KV. When we were there in March-April the VOG was not as bad as in K-K, but was definitely interfering with sunshine. Personally I'm not thrilled with layout the big bucks for a not so nice experience. Would any locals be kind enough to fill me in on the current situation? Any chance the winds would change or improve the situation in early November?

Sep 10, 2008
Lethal Air
by: Jilian Yank

The slow visible hell that the big island is experencing is horrific.
It's a slow march to the grave for plants, animals and people.
Beware of the toxic hell invading the big island!
Children and the elfderly should be vary careful of the toxic sulphur death gas.
All toursits should take precautions and prodect themselves - The other Hawaiian islands have good air quality except for rare Kona wind days.

Sep 09, 2008
Toxic death
by: Bill Shire

The Vog is killing the plants and people of the big island. It's a slow death, but significant enough to kill the real estate market and tourism.
Best to stay well clear of the natural disaster.
The is especially harmful to the elderly and children. If you are visiting the big island be extremely careful of inhaling this toxic element.
Beware and wear gas mask if possible.

We are going to tell all the travel agents at the national convention to make sure the public is aware of this disaster to humans and animals.

Aug 12, 2008
Looking for ways to help
by: Brian and Carol

From Arizona we are watching your situation.
We are concerned about the duration of your current VOG problem. The possibility of it continuing and the increased effects this could have on your people.
At what point do you make contingency and long term, "short term," emergency plans?
What would they look like?

Aug 06, 2008
by: Anonymous

Here is the official site offered by the Federal and State agencies. It looks good, it does help BUT this agency is located on the mainland. I called the number for an update and found out that it was a moderate reading for Pahala and Kona - we live in Ocean View. I was told if I needed to evacuate to leave. I asked 'where do I go?' At this point in time there are no evacuation centres set up and no more assistance was offered. As I write this the vog is rolling in - where do I go?

Aug 05, 2008
Pahala and Naalehu schools closing?
by: Jeff

I would like to know if there is any official word on the latest rumor about DOE considering closing the schools in both Pahala and Naalehu due to the SO2? I understand that it will be a tough decision as where do they go for school, long term, if these schools close and how do you weigh that with protecting the kids health? As all good rumors do so often start with a "reliable source" which this one certainly did, I want to balance that with some hard evidence that this is being considered. Anyone see anything about it? I checked Google but only came up with the couple temporary school closures that occurred back at the end of this past school year. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Aug 01, 2008
SO2 Images
by: David


Just found a link that shows images of SO2 levels. The images are updated daily. Here is the link to the SO2 Satellite Images

If you have good links, please post them, and I will make them active. The more info the better, Aloha

Jul 28, 2008
Considering cancellation
by: Anonymous

I'm very excited about coming to the Big Island next February for my 20th anniversary. But I have a lot of concerns over the current vog levels and how they're effecting residents. First of all, this health crisis should be dealt with immediately! I don't know if I want to visit a place that cares more about tourists than its residents. Secondly, if air conditions continue to be bad then the tourist dollar will start to suffer too. Word will spread among savvy travelers, especially those that keep up with blogs and travel sites like TripAdvisor, that the Big Island is uncomfortable to visit right now. It's time to take this problem seriously (which would probably happen if Honolulu were down wind from the vog!)

Jul 28, 2008
Vog as a natural disaster?
by: David


This is a response to the comments left yesterday, and to some of the comments in the past.

I have found that in order to get politicians to do something,it takes large numbers of people to form some sort of petition or organization which can leverage the government to do what they want. I personally believe that this a serious health hazard, but what can we do, move? Not a option for me. Spraying the crater with water or something of that nature sounds great! but how do we leverage them into doing it?

The volcano has become even more of a tourist attraction. What would it take for the government to put the residents before the tourists?

Only time will tell.

Also I invite everybody to build your own page if you like, click here

Jul 26, 2008
Why aren't they listening
by: CJ Watson

It amazes me that our politicians on the Big Island are even addressing other issues than the volcano. Trash removal, building permits and Roads are meaningless when crops are dying and people are getting sick. Vulcanologist see this as a lab and are happy to just watch. The Vog committee is trying to figure how to relieve residents breathing.
But NO ONE is trying to solve the real issue of the plume. Here is one idea used in CHILE. Spray water on the plume to keep the plume out of the atmosphere. Fireman faced with a haz mat release, spray water onto the vapors to keep them on the ground where they can deal with them and prevent there spread on the air currents. We have an endless supply of seawater we can spray over the plume, knocking the vapors back into the caldera. Just one idea , I am sure there are more. What do you say?????

Jul 26, 2008
Vog issues in Ocean View Estates Effecting Agriculture
by: Sam &Tony Bayaoa

Aloha Nui Loa,

My husband and I have a 2 acre protea farm and live in Ocean View Estates, and the vog is so thick my husband is now starting to feel sick during the day when the vog comes in. Our animals are showing sympthoms of being very lathargic. Their eyes weep and their noses perspire. 90% of our flowers have been burned by the sulfar dioxide emissions from the crater. We are 35 miles from the crater. We have lost our industry here on the Big Island - a large majority of the commercial farms have lost up to 100% of their production.

We have tried to make these issues aware to the County,State and Federal Agencies and no one will take a lead in this issue.

Senator Daniel Akaka has been a great source to us and is being of assistance to the Kau District in our concerns with the vog.

If you have family on the Big Island, and these issues are effecting them please call your local representatives and voice your concerns for your Ohana.

We need help!!

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Sam & Tony Bayaoa

Jul 17, 2008
vog in ainaloa
by: Anonymous

greetings to all, can anyone give info on vog conditions in the ainaloa subdivision? is the air clear in hawaiian beaches or nanawale?
thanks very much.

Jul 12, 2008
Naalehu Vog Conditions
by: David

First of all Naalehu has not been as bad as Mauka Pahala or Ocean View. The vog hugs the inversion layer which is at 6000 feet, and it slowly gets better below that, so Mauka Ocean View probably has it the worst. Naalehu seems to have the vog blown away. It does get bad, but not like Pahala or Ocean View.

As far as Satellite photos, here is a link That is the NASA site, and you can zoom in on the Big Island pretty good, but it doesn't really show air quality. For up to date info on Air quality, I still like these two links:

The first has a number of stations set up on the Big Island, to monitor the air quality, especially the Sulfur Dioxide levels. Sulfur Dioxide is the most dangerous element in vog, but not the only dangerous element. The second is a site that shows current emissions from Kilauea, both Halemaumau and Puu Oo.

The way they measure this is in either parts per billion or parts per million.

The charts for today, July 12th read that Pahala has the worst conditions at 96 parts per billion, or .096 parts per million, which is well within healthy conditions, although very sensitive individuals and young children could still be effected.

The County rates .0 to .3 parts per million as green or good, .3 to .5 as yellow or moderate, .5 to 1 as orange or unhealthy for sensitive groups, 1 to 3 parts per million as red or unhealthy, and anything above 3 is purple, and they will evacuate.

The county evacuated the volcanoes national park on three or four occasions, and also asked people to leave in residential areas, around the park, and in Mauka Ocean view on at least two occasions in the last four months.

As far as health problems, yes people are effected, people are moving away becuase of this! My father in Law is one of them. He was having all kinds of reactions. I have been trying to get natropaths to comment on this page, and information from volconologists, on what else is in the vog, but nothing I want to post here yet.

For more info go to our page on the Vog Index or our page on the Vog.

Aloha David

Jul 10, 2008
Seeking Info
by: Anonymous

I'm on mainland, but have property in Naalehu. I'm searching web daily for updated info. Is there a place where I can get daily satellite pix of the island? Google has pix but it doesn't show cloud or vog coverage on daily basis. Weather reports say "haze" but not extent, etc. I've read things are "bad" between Pahala and Ocean View, but wish someone could report how bad is bad? Are folks in Naalehu experiencing health problems and can they see across a street? Any news from this area would be appreciated.

Jul 02, 2008
what helps.
by: john

i've been noticing that it is taking a focused effort to take a deep breath since the vog has gotten worse. i have never been one to have sinus problems but almost daily i feel sinus pressure that sometimes turn into headaches... about a month ago i bought an ionic foot bath i saw on ebay. it works by pulling toxins out of the body through the soles of the feet. it has made an amazing difference in how i feel. afterwards my breathing becomes much easier and i feel healthier. after an hour of doing the bath the water goes from clear to looking like motor oil. sounds gross but it works!

Jun 26, 2008
Powerful Air Filter Can Reduce Health Risks
by: Stan Brannan

We have been getting excellent feedback from Island Residents who installed the Purifan Clean Air System on one or more of their Purifans. See for more details. The Purifan uses five stage filters to capture particulates and odors. It filters the air a typical 400 square foot room 40 times per hour, or once every 90 seconds. No other air cleaner comes close to this level of air changes per hour.

Purifan offers a free money-back guarantee, so you can try it in your home, office, school or daycare to see how much it helps lower the particulates and odors. If you are not 100% satisfied, send it back.

Jun 20, 2008
It's for real and it's real bad.
by: Keke

Today the morning in Kailua Kona started out with what appeared to be relief from the vog. Looking west to the ocean's horizon it was quite clear, more so than any day since March. However, as you panned south, a vog line was noticeable at Red Hill. Gradually that vog line spread north and eventually covered all of Kona by late morning. Vog is a very serious problem and until recently, most residents in Kona believed it would go away as it had in the recent past. Not this time, some volcanologists are saying this could be a 100 year cycle. This latest explosion at Halema'uma'u Crater has already surpassed the last recorded event for consecutive days of spewing debris. Let's all hope that it does end soon. Not everyone can just pack up and move away. Only those fortunate enough to have the wherewithal to do something that drastic will be able to escape the yet to be determined health consequences.

Jun 06, 2008
Hawaiian "Ocean View" Estates (cough,cough)
by: Anonymous

My Beau and I are in the process of building a house in HOVE. We paid extra for our "ocean view" lot, and built up on post and pier to take full advantage. We don't seem to get any releif from tradewinds, nor the lack thereof. Family and friends in Kona are feeling the loss as well. It seems to be constantly vogged in. Let's get real, THIS IS A NATURAL DISASTER! Unlike a hurricane or tornado, this may never be over. We should be entitled to Federal Disaster Releif funds to help with relocation of those who do not wish to die prematurely.

Jun 04, 2008
Vog in Kohala Mountains
by: Anonymous

I returned to my home on the Big Island for the first time since the new vent opened up (March 11) We could not see the coastline at Waikoloa from the plane. Vog seemed concentrated there. Today is the worst yet up in the Kohala Mountains. People who live even at north end of the island are coughing and looking sick and I was told you couldn't see the ocean from the coast highway last month -- or even across the street!!! This is VERY bad air. I may fly out in a few days after getting bids to pack up house and put in storage. Will be back when vog is back to "normal" -- or if it stays like this, will be forced to become an absentee landlady or list for sale. I'm really sad, but sensitive to air borne pollution and can't wait for the wind to change and blow it another direction. My heart goes out to locals. sells SO2 monitors that clip on waistband for warning at danger levels. Hope Pele goes back to sleep soon! I will really miss the Big Island. Been coming here for 30 years so feel very sad to go.

Jun 04, 2008
Vog poisoning
by: VB

I'm hoping others who have had health issues with the vog might share what they know. I recently had to leave my home in Kapoho in the Puna district of the Big Island (end of April '08) after becoming very ill. I'm in California now trying to find out about Vog poisoning and what to do recover.

Fevers, headaches, body aches, nausea, digestive problems, and racing heart beat and chronic exhaustion among other symptoms. There's not much on the internet to corroborate...I'd like to know if this is Sulfur dioxide poisoning and/or from the other elements in the Vog?

Thanks for any and all feedback. I miss my island and would like to come home!


May 18, 2008
Fluoride in Vog
by: Bruce

Fluoride can be emitted in volcanic eruptions.

Fluoride poisoning has occurred in sheep grazing in Iceland on pastures affected by volcanic eruptions.

Several articles are in the cumulative subject index for Fluoride at

Here is one article on this subject.

F A Basabe
Huxley college of Environmental
studies, western washington University,

Volcanic surface condensate samples were collected from 27 locations in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, USA" during December and January 1995/96 and March 1996.

The samples were collected with a passive cloud water collector commonly used in terrestrial cloud water chemistry studies.

Samples were analyzed for Ff
NHo*, Na*, K*, Ca*2, Fe*2, Mg*z, Si*2,
Al", NO3-, SO4", Cf, and F.

The first collection period was characterized by low surface lava flow activity, and increased activity during the March sampling.

The average fluoride (F) concentrations in the condensate from the upland areas in the park were relatively low (0.06-2.5 ppm).

Average condensate F concentrations from the area known as the point of entry, where lava currently flows into the sea, were higher (10-32 ppm).

Molten lava (i 105.c) entering the ocean causes sea water to dissociate and form hydrofluoric acid and other

Higher F levels and acidity (pH 0.75-1.5) generally occurred at the point of entry during periods of high volcanic activities.

May 18, 2008
by: David

Not sure how real fluoride threat is. I looked at those sites, and it was mostly about dental fluoride and drinking water. Not volcanic gases. Anybody know anything on this?

May 18, 2008
How dangerous is vog? The danger is real!
by: Anonymous in Kona

The measure of the risk of VOG is not measured by sulfur dioxide alone, but by all of the many toxins in a cloud of VOG, one of which is a fluorine compound that is very toxic.

Assuming that sulfer dioxide is the only toxic issue with VOG is a serious public health error.

The University of Hawaii has the results of past University research regarding the toxins in VOG.

Those who believe that volcanic VOG toxins are not a serious issue might try The International Journal of Fluoride (, and "The Fluoride Deception" by Christopher Bryson, a world renowned investigative reporter.

May 17, 2008
Weekend Report
by: David

Aloha Steve,

The best I could find was reports from the summit area that show wind conditions and gas levels around the summit.
To see those reports click here

You can use this to deduce a lot of what the effect on the rest of the island will be. Kona was pretty thick today, but I hear up North wasn't so bad.


May 17, 2008
Weekend Report?
by: Steve

Does ANYONE know how to get the VOG report on the weekend? It only shows up after the fact in the next day's West Hawaii Today. The paper's number, along with the VOG index report number, are both closed on the if there were no news or air quality two days out of the week!
Cayenne pepper tea is also supposed to be good for the lungs.

May 17, 2008
May 17th 2008
by: David

Aloha everybody,

Figured I would start this off. Civil Defense has been issuing warnings this last week due to lack of trade winds.

We were OK from April 19th to May 13th, but it has gotten pretty heavy again. Seems like Kona catches it 2-3 days after the winds slow down. Today was thick.

One thing we have found that helps with the Vog is Mamaki Tea. Drinking it once a day seems to be a good tonic against the Vog.

It definitely is effecting us. My father in law has been experiencing all kinds of adverse reactions.

I would like to hear what you guys do to counter the effects.

Aloha Kakou

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