Hawaiian Throw Net

To use a Hawaiian Throw Net you need to have four fundamental things. Patience, Timing, Focus and Skill. Knowledge of your fishing grounds helps, also.

I've seen a guy track a school of Manini(a local fish) for half an hour before he even threw. Then when he did throw, he nailed 15-20 in one throw. He proceeded to follow them down the coast, and pull in the rest of the school. Probably 40-50 all in all.

Patience is one of the keys to using a Hawaiian Throw Net because if you get anxious and move too soon, the fish will see you and scramble. Or if you throw too soon, you might not have the fish in a good position, and you will not get many fish or any at all.

Also you can get hung up on rocks, or there could be a big wave coming, and you could have a hard time recovering your net. Which brings us to our next key element: Timing.

When you throw your net you get one shot, and then you often have to wait a while for your next throw. So you want to time it just right. When the fish are grouped, and there is no waves coming. If you are good, you can scoop your net even if there is waves coming.

Which brings us to Focus and Skill.

In order to throw the net, you need to know how to load your net. It is kind of like loading a gun. You have to separate the net into three parts, and hold it just right, so when you throw it, it unfolds, and opens up wide. Some nets are twenty feet wide. Most nets are about nine. The spacing in the eyes or holes is three inches. This lets the little fish out, and keeps the big ones in.

In order to catch fish with your throw net, you have to be able to see the fish. This means looking through the water, and seeing the colors of the fish. Polarized sun glasses help, but really it is just training your eyes to see through the water.

Another way that focus and skill come into play is when you scoop the net up. You have to be able to keep your fish in the net, and not damage your net on the rocks. This just takes practice.

All in All Hawaiian Throw Net is a great way to catch fish, and is also a great outdoor sport.

Hawaiians have used this method for hundreds of years, making their nets out of fiber. The reason so many still do it today, is simple, you catch plenty fish.

Hana Pa`a

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