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Because Hilo and Kona are so far apart, people in Kona don't always know what is going on in Hilo and vice a versa. This page on Hilo news will allow people in Kona interact with people in Hilo, and learn what is going on there.

We will do our best to keep up with what is going on in Hilo, and current issues that are Hot over there. But the real news will come from our visitors.

The beautiful thing about this site, is that it is full of interactive pages. The potential for all kinds of people to share their thoughts, concerns, products and so forth is there.


I would say that the main thing that everybody is talking about these days is the vog. The vog is the main focus of not only Hilo news, but news sources from all over the islands. I've seen pictures of Oahu where the vog looked as bad as it is over here.

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Traffic is a big concern on both sides of the island. We have been experiencing rush hour traffic that backs up for miles. In Hilo the main area of concern are on Route 11 between Hilo and the Keaau bypass, and on Route 130 all the way to Pahoa. The rerouting of Saddle Road is also slowing traffic on that route, so be advised.

The Department of Transprotation is doing its best to keep up with the amount of growth that the Big Island has been experiencing, but all over the island traffic has become a issue.

The Military

The military training area of Pohakuloa in the middle of the Big Island has become a focus of concern for not just Hilo residents, but for residents from all over the Big Island. Recently heading the Hilo News, was the proposed air force training corridor over the Big Island.

The proposal was for C-17 cargo jets to drop to altitudes as low300 ft, as they flew a training course over the Big Island. Residents came out in force against this, and the Hawaii County Council has denied the proposal.

The military does not always listen to the residents, as in the case of the Stryker Brigade. It took a U.S. District Court to enforce a denial to expand the Stryker Brigade training area.

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