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October 15th - November15th


This is our third e-zine to date. Inside you will find news on whats new on the Big Island, and whats new on our website. In this issue we will cover a bunch of topics.

* We have an interesting article on the origin of the Red Yellow and Green Hawaiian flag that is popping up all over the place.

* Results from the Ironman Triathlon and some of the pictures we took are below.

*November 4th is creeping closer, and it is time to inform yourself about the upcoming elections and issues on the ballot. Below we have links to a bunch of pages we have on just that.

*This issue will give details on what we think are the hottest upcoming events in the next month. Hilo seems to be the hot spot for events this month.

Finally we have some amazing pictures, we threw in randomly.


One of the Original Hawaiian Flags

Hawaii is an interesting place to live, to say the least! One of the things that makes it so special and interesting is the Hawaiian Culture. The land and the culture have a harmonic relationship, that is the stuff that legends are made of. In fact, there are all kinds of legends both about the land and the culture.

On the Big Island today, one of the most prevalent legends is the stories surrounding the Red Yellow and Green flag that has become so popular in the last ten years.

Unlce Gene Simeona is given credit for resurecting the "orginal flag" believed to be one of seven. The reason that the flag had to be resurected at all, takes us back to 1843.

In 1843 Lord George Paulet seized Hawaii for five months, and did his best to destroy all the Hawaiian flags. This act was not condoned by the British Royalty, but Paulet must have had a good number of ships in the area to occupy Hawaii. Apparently not all the flags were destroyed.

Still a lot of mystery surrounds this flag. There seems to be a point in the 1980's when the flag resurfaced, and all credit goes to Simeona. Apparently Simeona says he came across a descendant of Lord Paulet at ‘Iolani Palace who told him the modern Hawaiian flag is not the original.

That prompted Simeona to search the Hawai‘i State Archives, where he found the design, then reproduced it. From that time on, Simeona and his business partner Stan Fonseca have been promoting the flag in hopes that it’ll catch on as a fresh, noncolonial symbol of the restored Hawaiian kingdom.

According to Fonseca, the green in the flag represents the maka‘ainana (commoner) caste, the land and goodness; the red represents the landed konohiki who served the ali‘i, genealogy and strength; and the yellow represents the ali‘i, spirituality and alertness to danger. At the center of the flag is a shield bearing the coat of arms of the kanaka maoli, made up of kahili and crossed, pointed paddles that represent the voyaging history of Hawaiians, and the strength that the Hawaiian people hold.

This symbol is integral part of many Hawaiian symbols, found today on all kinds of state and county seals, and also the Hawaii Police Department badges, always right in the center.

What the flag means today, however, is a whole other story. It has become a rallying point for sovereignty movements, and to Simeona, his newly unearthed flag says, "We are not British. We are kanaka maoli." Hawaii has been through a lot in the last two hundred years, and the resurfacing of the flag has brought a good feeling to many.

The 2008 Kona Ironman World Championship Triahtalon

Well the 30th anniversary of the Ironman in Kona was quite a exciting one, with Australia's Craig Alexander taking the lead almost halfway into the 26.2 mile run that is the last event in the race. Alexander ended up winning the race, with a time of 8:17:45, some 3 minutes ahead of the runner up who came in at 8:20:50.

In the womens race, Great Britans Chrissie Wellington won her second in a row world championship with a time of 9:06:23. She set a new course record in the 26.2 mile run with an amazing time of 2:57:44.

Below is the top ten in each division.

Top ten results for the professional men’s race are as follows:

1. Craig Alexander, AUS 8:17:45

2. Eneko Burguera Llanos, ESP 8:20:50

3. Rutger Beke, BEL 8:21:23

4. Ronnie Schildknecht, SUI 8:21:46

5. Cameron Brown, NZL 8:26:17

6. Patrick Vernay, NCL 8:30:23

7. Andy Potts, USA 8:33:50

8. Mathias Hecht, SUI 8:34:02

9. Michael Lovato, USA 8:34:47

10. Eduardo Sturla, ARG 8:36:53

The top ten professional women’s results are as follows:

1. Chrissie Wellington, GBR 9:06:23

2. Yvonne Van Vlerken, NLD 9:21:20

3. Sandra Wallenhorst, DEU 9:22:52

4. Erika Csomor, HUN 9:24:49

5. Linsey Corbin, USA 9:28:51

6. Virginia Berasategui, ESP 9:29:15

7. Bella Comerford, GBR 9:34:08

8. Gina Ferguson, NZL 9:36:53

9. Gina Kehr, USA 9:37:06

10. Dede Griesbauer, USA 9:39:53

Follow the link to check out the full version of the Press Release from Ironman.com.

The Island Music Scene

Reknowned Slack Key Guitarist and Na Hoku Hanohano Award Nominee Ben Kaili will be playing in concert with friends, October 18th at the East Hawaii Cultural Center in Hilo. Always known for putting on a show, whether it is at the beach or in a music shop, this show will be one of a kind, Hawaiian Style.

Iration comes to the Kona Bowl on October 25th! Don't miss the chance to catch these guys live, as they play on the Big Island for one night. They are one of the more popular bands in the islands these days, and this concert will sell out.

Candidates for Upcoming Elections

Although the presidential elections will have a huge impact on our lives, the rest of the choices you have on November 4th.

In the mayoral race, it is down to two candidates, Billy Kenoi and Angel Pilago. I endorse Angel Pilago for mayor, and there is no doubt in my mind that he will do his best to make a better future for Hawaii. But Don't let this stop you from checking out the Mayoral Debates live on KGMB 9 October 28th. That way you can get an idea for yourself who is the best choice for our future.

As for the rest of the 2008 races, most of them were wrapped up in the primary, as only one candidate emerged from the nonpartisan special. For information on who is left on the ballot and what areas they represent, go to our page on Hawaii Candidates

The next thing that you have to be informed about is whether or not Hawaii needs to hold another constitutional convention. This would entail overhauling the whole State of Hawaii Constitution, and is called a Con Con.

One other page you might want to check out on the upcoming elections is our Hawaii Candidates Blog,

Most importantly don't forget to vote on November 4th, and remember making a informed choice is our responsibility.

Upcoming Events October 15th to November 15th

Our calender of Hawaii events is one of the most comprehensive for the Big Island of Hawaii.To view our calendar of Hawaii Events, click here

Every month we will be recommending two events that standout in our mind. This month, they were fairly easy for me to pick out.

The first event is the Hawai‘i Island Chamber of Commerce E Mälama ‘Äina Festival, Nov. 7-8 at Hilo’s Mo‘oheau Park, which will offer consumers and businesses a firsthand look at Hawai‘i Island innovations and best practices aimed at sustainability.

Besides showcasing innovation in agriculture, alternative energy, transportation, housing, and education in an interactive village environment, there will be live award-winning Hawaiian entertainment, a variety of food vendors, and a special edition Hilo Farmers Market. For More information, click here

The second event is the the 26th Annual Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), which is coming to the Big Island for six days in a row with twelve feature length films from around the globe, plus seven Pacific Island short films.

For the first time film fans will have a chance to see all showings, as the schedule runs three days in East Hawaii and three days in West Hawaii. In Hilo all showings will take place at the Palace Theater from October 26-28 and in Kona at the Makalapua Stadium Cinemas October 29-31.

For a complete list of films, show dates, times and film descriptions, click here

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