Enriques most dangerous politician in generations? Dishonest Politician on Verge of Reelection? part 3

Enriques... Dangerous for K'au

Enriques... Dangerous for K'au

Enriques... Dangerous for K'au
Enriques...more bullshit!
Enriques...dishonest Hollywood grin
Enriques...deep in BIG developer's pockets

“Coach Guy” Forced to Resign From Coaching Job at Oregon State University Because of Sexual Transgressions
Rumors have abounded in Ka’u about “Coach Guy” Enriques’ past employment history. There has been speculation that one of the reasons he is ducking public forums is that he will be publicly asked embarrassing questions.
In a New York Times story “When Coaches Cross the Line” it was reported, “Two years ago, Guy Enriques a coach of the Oregon State women’s volleyball team, resigned after the team confronted him and accused him of having an affair with one of the players.”
These allegations were based on a USA Today story and a subsequent book written by Mariah Burton Nelson, a nationally recognized sportswriter. In the interests of full disclosure a full excerpt from Nelson’s book is provided here:
(p. 159) “In the summer of 1991, an Oregon State University volleyball player borrowed her teammate’s car. In the glove compartment she discovered a series of amorous letters that their coach, Guy Enriques, had sent to the teammate.
She took the letters and shared them with other women on the team, who read them with great interest and considerable anger. They had suspected an affair between the coach and the player. The recipient of the letters had spent time alone with the coach in his hotel room during road trips. The two of them had engaged in what appeared to be intimate conversations. “We just saw it,” recalls Kristy Wing, a senior on the team. “But we never had proof.” Players had even confronted Enriques, who is married and a father. But “he’d always twist it around. He’d get personal, to make you see it was your fault for asking.” The players had complained to the athletic director, but he had said he could do nothing since there was no proof.
Now they had proof. They turned the letters over to the athletic department, expecting Enriques to be fired. Instead, they were told that since the letters were stolen property, nothing could be done.
The women decided to take matters into their own hands. Eight players confronted the coach and asked him to resign. This time, according to the players, Enriques admitted the affair and defended it, explaining that it was “a real relationship” between himself and the player. “They weren’t just seeing each other occasionally; they really cared about each other,” one player remembers him saying. The next day Enriques resigned.
Shortly afterward, Enriques commented, “There has been some success at Oregon State and some hurt. I’d like to bury that hurt” (Ed. Comment: I bet he wants to bury it. Is this why he is ducking public forums?) In response to the question of whether he did have sex with the player, Enriques said, “Those are personal things and I’d like to keep it down and under.
The young woman did not deny the affair, but asked not to be named. “I don’t think it’s a negative issue for me,” she said. “There are negative sides to it, but a coach-athlete relationship is not necessarily negative.
(p. 162) Most coaches are men. Among sports teams, more than half of all high school and college teams are men. Most soccer and Little League coaches are men. This is the legacy from Title IX: female athletes now get to play, but they play under male leadership.
(p. 165 We don’t know how many coaches seduce their young charges. We do know that sexual seductions by priest, teachers, physicians and therapists are prevalent” (see the Seattle Times web site more recent analysis. The number of predatory coaches is staggering!)
(p. 178) Several volleyball players from Oregon State candidly discussed their disappointment and sense of betrayal after the Guy Enriques affair came to light. “I’m glad he left,” said Christy Stoeckel, than a junior outside hitter. “Things were so out of hand. There was so much favoritism. It was hard to play for someone and respect him, knowing what he was doing.”
“He basically was a liar,” said another player who preferred not to be named. “It took a toll on the team.”
Stoeckel said it was her anger that led her to disobey the athletic director’s mandate not to talk. “They’re trying to keep it quiet to protect him or the young woman; that’s what they told us. I don’t feel he needs to be protected. He’s made life hell for so many people. I feel really bitter towards him. I don’t owe him any favors. He’s a grown man (Ed. Note: Enriques was 35 y.o. at the time) He had to know that was wrong.”
Stoeckel added, “It makes you so suspicious. It’s so sad that women have to think that their coach might be thinking about something besides their playing.”
From “The Stronger Women Get, The More Men Love Football: Sexism and the American Culture of Sports” by Mariah Burton Nelson (1994); Harcourt Brace and Co., NY.
While not revealed in the book the relationship between the coach and his victim started 8 years before the discovery and revelation. Enriques coached his victim at Gresham High School for 4 years. According to the Oregon State University year book when Enriques moved to OSU he brought the girl with him on a “full-ride” scholarship. Also not reported was that the age of consent in Oregon since 1971 has been 18.
Creagan has been asked, wouldn’t it make it different if he divorced his wife and married his victim? He responds, “Why would marrying your victim right all the wrongs to the first wife, the team, the school, and his profession?”
He has also been asked: Enriques has been married for many years. How could he be a sexual predator? He responds “He was married with a child when the offenses occurred at OSU! Also, he has sought out and had access to teenage girls for the last 25 summers, away from his home in Ka’u. His victim is quoted as saying a coach-athlete relationship is not necessarily negative. Maybe it’s a ‘What happens in Oregon, stays in Oregon’ kind of thing. Many if not most coaches who prey on young women are married. See the Seattle Times series” (at the website below).
Richard Creagan, M.D. has recently completed a B.S. in psychology, graduating with highest honors from UH Hilo in 2009. He had two mental health professionals review the book chapter. They all agreed that Enriques should never have been allowed contact with young students, particularly women, again, as a coach or teacher. Despite this Enriques has been able to work as a coach at several institutions on the Big Island. Was he fully truthful with those schools? In addition Enriques has run a summer volleyball camp focusing on high school girls for 25 years. Enrique’s summer camp for young girls has a web site:
(Ed. Note: caution, some images are disturbing on many levels)
Creagan indicated that in his child abuse courses they had studied the abuse of young men by pedophile priests. “The abuse of these male children has a parallel in the abuse of young girls by coaches”. An excellent review is found in a 4-part series of articles in the Pulitzer Prize winning Seattle Times entitled “Coaches who prey: the abuse of girls and the system that allows it.” One of the articles is about predatory coaches’ use of private camps (Ed.: like Enriques summer team camps for girls) or teams to escape public scrutiny or after being forced to leave the public school system. The four articles are:
(See the following URL:
http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/news/local/coaches/news/dayfour.html )
This has links to all four articles.

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Jan 16, 2011
Enriques was a traitor, beware
by: Anonymous

Next big development schemes in K'au are Nani Kahuku, Aina Koa Pono, and others. Kick da bastards out.

Jan 10, 2011
Traitor to Hawaii
by: Anonymous

Guy Enriques is indeed one of the most hated men in the district of Ka'u and in the entire state of Hawaii. He did not try to hide his acts of corruption which began when Sea Mountain V (group of developers) showed up in Ka'u with plans to destroy one of the most beautiful places on the planet Earth. He didn't hesitate to join them when they were recruiting local thugs to represent them, protect them, and to promote their vision of a grand mega-resort development at Punalu'u. It is believed that he gladly accepted a very early cash payment for his services as the Sea Mountain V boy-thug in Ka'u. Enriques proceeded to recruit many of his old buddies and lifelong friends and his family, of course. Together they formed a front organization called O Kako Ka'u (We Are Ka'u). They expanded into a service organization in order to be accepted by the community while they were promoting Sea Mountain V's plan. It is impossible to know exactly how much money he received under the table from developers of all types; but, many locals believe that it was substantial. Enriques was able to quit his job as volleyball to run for Council Member office full-time.
Finally, I believe that the best thing to happen to Ka'u last year was for Enriques to be defeated in the election. Hawaii needs to rid itself of corrupt "politicians" who serve only to get rich. I hope Enriques cleans up his act to avoid embarrassing his many sons any further. He shamed the people of Ka'u and the state of Hawaii.

Nov 14, 2010
What a crook!
by: Anonymous

Glad Enriques was voted out of office. He deserves worse.

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