Visiting Big Island: Car or scooter rentals? Public Transportation?

I will be in Pahoa for 7 days in July, which is south-east Hawaii. If I want to learn to surf, where can I go?

Also, what's the cheapest way to get around? Is there public transportation?



David Here.

First lets cover to public transportation on the Big Island. It has gotten much better in the last few years, and the price can't be beat, but it still leaves something to be desired. But that is mostly because the Island is so Big, you know Big Island.

Anyway here is the link to the Pahoa-Hilo Route Hele On Bus Schedule. Click here

The good news is that the bus is free. Anyone can ride for free. You can even take a bike or possibly a surfboard(check on that one). In that link, you will also find the schedules and routes for all the Hele On buses on that link.

As far as scooter rentals, I don't really know any in the Hilo area. The only one I know of is in Kona, and getting to Hilo from Kona on a scooter is not realistic. Also Hilo and Puna are not really the most moped friendly areas.

Car rentals, are not cheap, but Dollar rent a car is good, at least in Kona. I got a 5% off code in the vacations section.

Then there is always hitchhiking. I have done more then my fair share of thumbing a ride, although not in the last couple years, and the Big Island is one of the easiest places to get a ride.

However Hilo and Puna can get wet very quickly and without much notice.

Which brings us to your final part of your question. Surfing. I saved the best for last. If you don't know anything about surfing, it is going to be very difficult to learn at any of the beaches on the East side of the Big Island, and you will be a danger to yourself and others if you attempt this by yourself. Wilkie is the only person I know of doing surf lessons on the Hilo side, and the phone number is 808-326-0269.

If you know the ocean even a little, and can paddle out and duck dive, you can try Pohoiki or Honolii. Just be conscious that you are going to breaks where people that are very good surf a few times a week, and that is like their home. Have respect! For them, for the ocean, and for yourself. Enough speeches. Main thing have have fun.

Anyone else that like help, please leave comments.

2 Scoops Aloha David

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