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The Big Island Hawaii News and events page will lead you to our other pages where you will find current information on Hilo news, Kona news, Big Island Hawaii events, a look at some of the bands that have come from the Big Island and more.

The Big Island has nine districts and is bigger then all the other islands put together with 4,038 square miles. It takes two and a half hours to get from Kona to Hilo pretty much any way you go.

Also people in Hawaii speak a number of languages, and some even go to school to learn English as their second language:English School Los Angeles

District Map of the BIg Island

Because of this, we have broken up the news into three sections. General Big Island of Hawaii News, Hilo News, and Kona News.

Hilo and Kona are the two main cities on the Big Island, and are also the focus of most development, commerce, politics and so forth. Because of this we have a page for Hilo News, and one for Kona News.

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We have interactive pages for Hilo News, Kona News, and Hawaii Events.

You will find links to pages that we have written on particularly important current events, such as what happened at `Iolani Palace on April 30th 2008.

You will also find links to our pages on Big Island Music, Arts, Crafts, and whatever else worthy of being told about.

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Upcoming Hawaii Events

Whether you want to find what concerts are coming to the Big Island, or you want to build your own page on upcoming Hawaii Events, the link below to our interactive page is where its at!

We mostly cover Big Island Events, but if you have something worthy of Big Island Residents knowing about, whether it is Reagae on the River, or a B J Penn UFC fight coming up in Vegas, please feel free to post.

Just remember I am the editor, so no funny stuff.

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Kona Fishing Tournaments

Kona deep sea fishing is known world wide for being the best. Every year thousands of people come here to fish in our pristine waters. In the late spring and summer, there is some major fishing tournaments.

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The Merrie Monarch Festival

2008 was the 46th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival, and the 2009 Festival will be held from April 12-18, 2009.

The 2008 winners were:

Overall Winners: Hula Halau 'O Kamuela

(Wahine) Overall Hula: Halau 'O Kamuela

(Wahine) Hula Kahiko: Hula Halau 'O Kamuela

(Wahine) Hula 'Auana: Hula Halau 'O Kamuela

(Kane) Overall: Halau Na Mamo 'O Pu'uanahulu

(Kane) Hula Kahiko: Halau Na Mamo 'O Pu'uanahulu

(Kane) Hula 'Auana: Halau Na Mamo 'O Pu'uanahulu

Miss Aloha Hula: Kalimakuhilani Akemi Kalamanamana Suganuma(Keolalaulani Halau 'Olapa O Laka)

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